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Vietnam-February, Suggestions

Rod Hagen
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Any suggestions for a (approximately) 10 night itinerary around Vietnam, BEFORE, not during, Tet in early February? (however, two nights will almost certainly be at Angkor Wat because I stupidly skipped it last time I was in SE (Thailand) and don't want to skip stupidly again)


Love mountains and hills. LOVE walking cities (I didn't find Bangkok to be a good walking city because the humidity combined with air pollution kept pushing me back inside to breathe AC air). Enjoy beaches, but only for a couple days (one beach I was thinking of was Vinh Hy Bay, 75 miles from Cam Ranh (great name when you say it out loud), but only because there is a resort there that I like quite a bit, so if there's a beach area you like better let me know). I don't use beaches for hanging out. I use beaches for swimming. I love swimming for hours, so I'm looking for tranquil WATERS and scenery, not necessarily baby-powder sand. Enjoy ruins and temples, but in small doses and I'm sure Angkor Wat will give me nearly my fill. Not at a "shopper" at all. Love Vietnamese food.


I'm open to flying into and out of either Hanoi OR HCM, but presume I should see both.


If you can't think of an itinerary for me, just tell me what you like to see and do in Vietnam.




Actually, I just realized that telling you what I enjoyed in Thailand may help: I liked Bangkok, but found the air pollution, combined with humidity, very difficult. Temples were interesting, in small doses. Disliked the Jewelry factory tour, I should have known better actually. I visited Phuket, but stayed at a resort (same one that interests me in Vinh Hy Bay) and did not encounter the tourist swarms people seem to always complain about there. I enjoyed the beach/swimming, and the half-day boat tour of man with golden gun bay (forgot name, sorry.) Also really enjoyed Chiang Rai and glad I visited there instead of too crowded Chiang Mai. Specifically, in chiang Rai I enjoyed spending time among the elephants, a short boat ride on the river, a tour of the opium museum, a day trip to Laos and Burma (don't buy Jade there, read article in today's nytimes, yikes!), and some of the smaller towns and smaller festivals. Plus, Chiang Rai is kinda beautiful, and being in beauty, be it city or country or beach, is kinda nice. Oh and of course the food. Oh, Oh and of COURSE the people. Does that help?

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Hey Rod, most likely you have already seen or know about this, but in case you haven't, I ran across this on Yahoo news...Food for thought. You'll need to go to Trip Advisor for more in depth information. One of my friends went two years ago, and absolutely loved it. At any rate, I this peaked my curiosity...Good luck





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