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World aids day 2014

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Today is World AIDS DAY, December 1. Where is there any acknowledgment here at this site regarding such? What has been presented via our vast media? Has the AIDS pandemic gone away? Has a cure been presented? Did all of those who died from this horrendous disease die in vain? Outreach, education, and a cure should be ongoing until the disease has

been conquered!


{AIDS was capitalized in the title; I do not know what happened when I clicked on Post!!}

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Axiom you are 100% correct. Thanks for posting this. Outreach, education, and a cure should be ongoing. I think many members here contribute time and money and their expertise in supporting this cause.




I belong to Tuesday Angels. We are having our December fund raiser tomorrow, but we fund raise all year long. It is more important now than it has ever been.



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If your in the mood for a good cry and a feel good documentary We Were Here is an AMAZING heart wrenching documentary about the epidemic and the people who lived through it.


As for why it isn't being covered I would speculate because its a dirty disease to most people, there is a certain level of shame surrounding the topic because its primarily sexually transmitted. What is it Dan Savage says, "Australia got the convicts and we got the puritans"?

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If your in the mood for a good cry and a feel good documentary We Were Here is an AMAZING heart wrenching documentary about the epidemic and the people who lived through it.

As for why it isn't being covered I would speculate because its a dirty disease to most people, there is a certain level of shame surrounding the topic because its primarily sexually transmitted. What is it Dan Savage says, "Australia got the convicts and we got the puritans"?



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World Aids Day: A Time for Remembrance and Hope

The Huffington Post


World Aids Day is both a day of remembrance and a day of hope.


Today serves as an opportunity to remember those we have lost to HIV/AIDS and to celebrate the medical advances that have helped reduce infection rates by more than 50 percent in 13 Sub-Saharan African countries.


We still have major work to do closer to home.


Of the 1.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States, 129,000 of them live in New York State. Recently, Governor Andrew Cuomo convened a new task force, consisting of leaders from the state's top HIV/AIDS service organizations, to end AIDS in New York State.


The task force has set an admirable goal of reducing the number of new HIV infections to 750 by 2020. For those living with the disease, the 2014 state budget included a 30 percent rent cap to provide affordable housing protection for more than 10,000 low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS and enable hundreds more to move out of shelters.


Before this cap, clients of the HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) receiving rental assistance were forced to spend upwards of 70 percent or more of their disability income towards rent, which is unacceptable.


Of the 8,425 complaint cases my office has handled since January, a number involve landlord non-compliance and discrimination against HASA tenants. Additionally, HASA clients regularly complain of HASA being frequently delinquent with rental payments, leaving them in precarious circumstances. In one case, HASA was not only delinquent, but an agent failed to properly submit a client's housing application for public housing. The client sought acceptance into an 80/20 housing program, but was being denied due to resulting late payments.


We cannot justly seek to expand access to HASA and enroll more New Yorkers in the program, if we do not act to improve the program to ensure that tenants receive the benefits and services they are entitled to.


The next step we must take is to expand the enhanced rental, nutrition and transportation assistance provided through HASA to people who are currently HIV positive, but asymptomatic.


This group is currently denied HASA benefits until they become sick, meaning a doctor diagnosed them with AIDS or symptomatic diagnosis due to having two opportunistic infections. This means that people must be sick before they can receive help. Unfortunately, this backwards policy can lead to increased transmission rates by leaving people homeless who are HIV.


Finally, the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is launching a new citywide HIV public testing campaign called New York Knows. Every New Yorker must commit to playing a part in this new campaign. Testing is easy -it is one of the keys to prevention and it must be done regularly.


Going forward, I am focused on rooting out discrimination against those living with HIV/AIDS.


One important step we can take is to push for the passage of New York's Anti-Mandatory Mail Order Pharmacy Bill, which will enables New Yorkers, not the insurance industry, to choose whether to fill prescriptions by mail or from a local pharmacy.


A loophole in a 2011 state law meant to ensure consumer choice instead allows the insurance industry to compel New Yorkers to receive their prescriptions by mail. This is a crisis facing countless New Yorkers with life-threatening and chronic conditions -- including HIV.



One individual had a relationship with his local pharmacy for 30 years before being forced to use United Healthcare's mail order pharmacy. When his HIV medication was lost in the mail, a representative said that he'd either have to skip his HIV treatment for three weeks or pay over $1,000 for a new prescription.


I am proud of the advances we have made in New York where we have continued a legacy of substantive HIV/AIDS policy, but we must continue the fight to end the epidemic and ensure an AIDS-free generation.


source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/letitia-james/world-aids-day-a-time-for_1_b_6250306.html

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Bruce Springsteen, Chris Martin to Front U2 at World Aids Day Concert


Kanye West and Carrie Underwood will also perform in Times Square for benefit concert





Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen will both front U2 as part of the World Aids Day concert in Times Square. Kanye West and Carrie Underwood will also perform.



BY JASON NEWMAN | December 1, 2014



All four members of U2 were originally scheduled to perform at the World AIDS Day (RED) performance Monday night in Times Square. But with lead singer Bono still recovering from serious injuries suffered from a bike accident last month, the group announced two capable substitutes: Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay's Chris Martin.



U2 Download Raised Over $3 Million for AIDS Fight

"Friends have stepped in to save U2's surprise World AIDS Day (RED) performance, which was jeopardised by Bono’s November 16th bike accident in Central Park," the band wrote on their Facebook page. "Adam Clayton, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. will be joined by Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, each of whom will take a turn as frontman on the U2 songs. Appearing at the personal invitation of U2, Springsteen and Martin have graciously donated their time and talents to save the World AIDS Day event from cancellation." The band has dubbed themselves U2 Minus 1 for the concert.


Kanye West and Carrie Underwood are also scheduled to perform at Monday's event supporting (RED), an organization that aims to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child.


"This year is a World AIDS Day like no other," Bono said in a statement. "The world reached a tipping point in the fight against AIDS - more people were newly added to life-saving treatment than were newly infected with the virus. A lot of people are calling it the beginning of the end of AIDS.


"We wouldn’t be at this point without American leadership, people from the left and the right," added the singer. "Today, 13 million people have access to life-saving treatment, up from 300,000 just over ten years ago. Americans don’t know the role they’ve played in this fight. Tonight’s event is to inform them and thank them."


Fans unable to attend the show can watch a live stream on YouTube beginning at 7:30 p.m. EST.


Last month, Bono suffered what doctors called a "high energy bicycle accident" while attempting to avoid another rider in New York's Central Park. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for multiple X-rays and CAT scans followed by five hours of surgery. The singer suffered numerous serious injuries, including a "facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye," three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade and a fracture of his left humerus bone in his upper arm. Bono's doctor told Rolling Stone the singer will "require intensive and progressive therapy," but "a full recovery is expected."


source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bruce-springsteen-chris-martin-to-front-u2-at-world-aids-day-concert-20141201#ixzz3Kh03eJQm

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International World Aids Day:


HIV/Aids Among Children Decline By 40 Percent, 1.1 Million New Cases Prevented

By Dr Azadeh


The United Nations International Children's Education Fund (UNICEF) has released a report that shows that the fight over HIV/AIDS among children is being won by the day; the agency reports that the incidence of HIV/AIDS among children has reduced by 40%, and to this end, about 1.1 million children have been prevented from contracting the disease between 2009 and 2013.


World AIDS Day is being celebrated every December 1 to raise awareness about the scourges of HIV/AIDS all over the world, and it appears this campaign is helping children and adults alike from contracting the infectious disease. It is true that world leaders and international agencies aim to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS among people to 10%, or rather achieve a 90% victory over it, the 1.1 million children under the age of 15 prevented from having the disease between 2005 and 2013 is a great news and a welcome development.


more: http://allafrica.com/stories/201412091599.html

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