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Fragata - speaking of drag shows

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Drag shows can be a bit much and I generally do not stay to watch them.


However, there was one memorable semi-drag show I really enjoyed. The show was at Fragata, about ten minutes long every week, and was performed by one of the managers who dressed in an Italian ladies cooking dress for this show that preceded serving Italian spaghetti to garotos and clients.


Italian music was played during the semi-drag show just before the spaghetti was served. The manager was genuinely talented and I miss his performances. Some reading this post might remember him and/or his shows.


The semi-drag show lasted until a few years ago, until the manager left employment at Fragata.


The manager who did the show also did the cooking and preparation of the spaghetti that was served. The spaghetti was quite good. He is/was a great cook.


During his working hours, (I don't recall his name) the manager who did the Italian drag presentation and spaghetti preparation was an excellent manager and was well liked by garotos and customers and employees..


It was traditional to serve spaghetti at Fragata every Tuesday night.


After the manager left, the Tuesday night spaghetti night was changed to Tuesday night pasta night. The current replacement for spaghetti night (the pasta) is a vile tasting and nasty product that very few people at Fragata will eat. The product rarely is consumed even though put on plates for sauna attendees. The last few times I was at Fragata on a Tuesday night, the nasty pasta was not served (thank goodness).


The above narrative is but one more fun thing that no longer exits at Fragata.


What an enormously entertaining place Fragata used to be.


Now, Fragata is "okay" on certain nights but the "good old days" at Fragata are gone, likely, forever.


Time marches on!

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