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Visited Lagoa tonight - Sao Paulo

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I am still in Brazil and decided to visit Lagoa tonight.


Being a Friday night, of course, the place was crowded with lots of paying clients and lots of paying garotos.


Lagoa is a fairly large facility. There are several sections of the sauna and it never gets "too crowded" for comfort.


Unlike in European saunas, clients have a separate locker area from the garotos (rent boys).


Rodolfo (now, the sole owner of Lagoa) charges garotos fifteen reais (R$15) as an entrance fee. Certain handsome, (large penis, and favorite) gatotos do not pay an entrance fee provided they regularly have sex with Rodolfo, at a discount.


Even though Lagoa has the largest selection of handsome and attractive garotos of any remaining rent-boy sauna in Sao Paulo, not all rent boys are successful at meeting a client to recoup the entrance fee paid.


Even though the garotos' entrance fee is only fifteen reais, there is still transportation expense to and from the sauna for the garoto. Therefore, it could be more than twenty reais for a garoto to visit Lagoa.


Given these costs, together with the possibility of not meeting a paying client, many garotos do not go to Lagoa as often as they did before Roldolfo increased the entrance fee to R$15 for the garotos.


One must question his business decision with regard to charging garotos the amount of the entrance fee that is charged. My explanation for this comment is explained as follows:


To be blunt, the garotos (rent boys) are the "inventory" of the sauna. Paying clients go to Lagoa to engage the services of garotos. Paying clients do not go to Lagoa to visit the owner or visit other paying clients; they go there to engage garotos. If there is a shortage of garotos, clients stay away from the sauna. Rodolfo loses money.


The problem with charging garotos the amount that is charged, is that many garotos cannot afford to pay and fear that they will not meet a paying client in order to recoup the entrance fee and transportation costs to and from Lagoa.


Many garotos told me that they stay away from Lagoa except on busy nights (Wednesdays and Fridays) because there is a good chance they will not meet a paying client and the garoto is out his entrance fee and transportation expense.


Bottom line? If garotos stay away from the sauna for fear of not making any money, obviously, there are fewer choices of garotos for paying clients.


Given the facts and concerns of the garotos, it is an obvious dumb business decision to charge garotos the amount charged as an entrance fee.


Consequently, because of the high entrance fee for garotos many nights at Lagoa are "slow" nights, i.e., the sauna has only a fraction of the garotos and clients usually found on Wednesdays and Friday nights.


Comparing the quality of garotos (handsome) at Lagoa with garotos at Fragata (average looking) it is clear that Lagoa champions over Fragata, the only remaining competition to Lagoa in Sao Paulo.


I had a good time and will return.

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Great information and timely for me. Looks like I will be visiting Brasil in February on business. How much do clients pay to visit these places? Also, what's the fair reasonable rate to hire the garotos? As a novice, I'm fearful of overpaying.



Here is a link to Lagoa's site:




The prices and other information are listed.


As to how much to pay the rent boy- it depends on you.


Even if you over pay, it won't be much. One hour of the rent-boys time will generally cost you far less than one hundred dollars.


Each guy is independent and sets his own price. Some are greedy while others are not.


Avoid the guys who start talking to you then quickly ask you to buy meals and/or expensive drinks for them. Just say, "no" then walk away.


If you buy meals and drinks for rent boys you just meet, you quickly will get known as an easy mark and other rent boys will bug you to buy things for them. Most rent boys talk among themselves about clients. There are few secrets at the sauna.


Just go there, be alert, enjoy the place and things will be fine.


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One thing I always found funny at the brazilian saunas.. Just as we clients talk amongst ourselves about which garato does what, and who is "good" and who is not, so do the garatos. They talk about us just as much. After just a couple of days of visits, the boys will know what you like to do, what your "hot buttons" are, how much you are willing to pay, etc.

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