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As ususal, great pics. Thanks for providing these hot men every day. #21 not really my type but something about him that is a real turn on. #19 GREAT looking- a porn star name Ty something.


Then the best for last --#11 Incredibly sexy. Would love to see more pics of him!!!!

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Well done Jag....

The blue eyes of #1...of course #5 7 and #8 camping? really? I've done my share of camping in my day, and never once have I seen an outdoor shower. Love it.


#14 ******* stunning!!! He made the cut to my picture file. How cute is that youngun?

#24******** Only you can end a set like this. Ass play, nipple work and the chest on the guy who is pleasuring him. I'd love to see what the third guy in the scene looks like and a gif with a little audio would be perfect. ;)

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JAG - had another awfully busy day and barely had time in early morning (when I normally visit your postings) or even late at night to give this day's offerings a glance, but WOW on #1 with those blue eyes (that beautifully matched his shirt), and that very nice, expressive pose (really like a man with nice [hairy] forearms.


If I was ever lucky enough to sit across from a guy like #3 on a subway/metro - would definitely be a "Subway Named Desire" and I would probably forget where I was going and just sit and enjoy this sight until he got off (no pun intended).


#7 - OK who does not confess or admit that they would like a roll with Mario, anytime, anyplace, anyhow? My Gaydar goes off the charts every time I see him, hear his voice, or see those dimples and that magnificent, flawless chest and body.


#11 - oh yeah... YES!


#16 - those HUGE dark nips in the reflection were terrific -- if only the model turned around for a full front shot!


All in all a very nice collection for this day - and I very much enjoyed #1 -- only wish we had a shot of him like # 21

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