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The searching of garotos at Fragata went - bye bye

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I am back in Brazil and I decided to return to Fragata tonight, as Tuesday and Sunday are generally the best nights to visit.


The first thing I noticed is that the garotos that arrived ahead of me were not searched, as per the new policy announced a short while back. I asked about the policy and I was told it was abandoned. That is good. Such a stupid policy could not be good for business or for the morale of the garotos.


Tonight the place had a fair amount of garotos. Some were from the olden days of five and ten years back while there were many new young ones in their early twenties. I even saw a few twinks for those interested in twinks.


Even though the place was fun, sort of, the place was not like it was a few years ago when the sauna was filled with lots and lots of available garotos.


I looked again for tell-tale signs of the rumor of the sauna closing. I saw nothing to indicate a closure on the horizon.


There are still empty buildings around Fragata but that is not conclusive evidence of closure of Fragata, a rumor that circulated for more than one year.


I had a fairly good time tonight but not like I did in former days when the sauna used to be packed with countless garotos. Those days are gone even if the sauna is not gone.


If you are in Sao Paulo, I highly recommend a visit.


By the way, the new metro stop near Fragata finally opened only last weekend (the Yellow Line). This could avoid the necessity of a cab for those adventurous to use public transportation in Sao Paulo.



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