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Many Thank You's During My Stay In Vegas For Daddy's B-Day Celebration!!

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Wanted to take this moment of opportunity to give Thanks those who made my outstanding trip in Vegas possible as well as made me feel so loved, and very welcomed into they're homes and clubs during my stay in Vegas. Came to visit Daddy for his 59th Birthday Celebration after chatting back and forth on the site, but also to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with my fellow "Brothers" in the biz such as Ace, Paul, and Nate as well. So thought I would stop on thru for Daddy's Birthday from my visit in Arizona heading on the way back home to Los Angeles, CA. Wasn't able to stay for the entire week, but was able to spend a few days with Daddy and the "kids" as it was worth the wait, and the drive for which I had wonderful visit.


First of all - I have to Thank my "Big Brother" Ace(Daddy's Reviews 2011 "Escort Of The Year" Award Winner) for inviting me to stay with him during my 3 day stay in his beautiful home and boy did he show me an awesome time by taking me to some exciting places and introducing me to my other "Brothers" in the biz such as Nate Bruno and Paul Pratt(who are such sweethearts and super sexy) and most of all made it possible for me to meet "BIG DADDY". You guys ROCK!!! By the way, Nate Thanks for lunch with "Daddy" at The Palms for which I enjoyed very much as we had a lot of laughs and great food that day. I owe you one. Wink. Nate - stay cute and sweet as you were a joy to be with and hope we'll get together again real soon. Paul Pratt - thanks for having me over at Badlands along with Ace for Bingo Night. I had a lot of fun, and so did Ace. Love that I won a game of "Bingo" and got the "Masturbation Kit". Perfect "Gag" Gift. LOL. Only Paul can come up with such WACKY Gifts. LOL. Love you, Bro.


Thanks to Ace, Nate, and Daddy for the many prep talks and advice as I enjoyed them dearly. Always like to follow the advice and guidance of my "elders" in the biz as it's beneficial in helping in my career as an escort which has helped and enlightened me in being better and more wiser. Always wanna be sure to acknowledge those who's helped me along the way for which is important. Let's say Ace have a good way with words if you get anxious or nervous about something. LOL.


Ace was so kind to introduce me during my adventurous stay in Vegas to a wonderful client of his- JJ(JJ69action) who not only did I hit it off with well, but he hired me for an incredible session that was out of this world, but had me over for a great dinner along with Nate Bruno the following night, along with taking me out for a lovely dinner as well the night before. JJ, Kerry, and Jim are the most nicest and sweetest guys you ever want to know, and cooked for me and Nate Bruno a dinner that were fit for a king as it was so scrumptious and delicious beyond belief. JJ - you and your friends outdid yourselves as I truly enjoyed that beautiful meal you guys made very much as it's still on my mind til this day. Thanks to you, Jim, and Kerry - you made me and Nate's last evening in Vegas very memorable as well as enjoyable, and sincerely thank you guys for an enchanted evening as indeed it was. ;)


Most of all - I got my wish by spending time with DADDY himself a day before his actual 59th birthday as Me and Ace took Daddy out to lunch for his Birthday(Ace was due to go the next day and wasn't going to be available the rest of the week to be with Daddy for all of the events, so we met with Daddy the day before he left) and let me say our time with this AMAZING man was no other then Unforgettably great. Ace had to leave after an hour's time due to other obligations, but my time with Daddy one on one was special and memorable as we shared many laughs, dreams, goals, and his many words of wisdom for 6 hours that night, but that will be much treasure in my life always as it was words of wisdom that was well needed and fascinating. Everything he and I shared talking in the restaurant was in deep conversation and a great learning lession for me to apply later in life regarding goals and aspirations.


Thank you, Daddy as I do appreciate you and hope the rest of your birthday week turned out fabulous. ;). Let's say I am so proud to be one of your "kids" and thanks for "the hat" as I really love it and treasure it. Wink. When I look at it - I think of "Daddy" giving it to me. Have to admit - I loved the time me, You, JJ, Kerry, and Nate all had at Underwear Night at Charlie's. That was fun. Especially us flirting with the hot strippers and being wild and crazy. LOL. Felt like such a naughty boy, but loved it. It was fun to be wild and crazy with Daddy and Nate teasing the hot go-go boys. Took me 20 minutes to cool down near a fan in the car after all that hot action. LOL. I think "Daddy" was quite pleased that night of his "Kids" being such naughty boys with the Go-Go boys at "Underwear Night". LOL. What an exciting night that was.


You guys made my trip special, and most of all very rewarding and for that I say - Thank you.

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Sorry for the delayed reply on this... I have been out of town doing my "best man duties" on the East Coast & I'm currently writing this from a hotel in Philadelphia, due to bad weather, I'm STUCK for the night!

I have ALWAYS said that " us boys" should stick together & have "each other's backs"...

It's nice to meet other guys that feel the same way & JD is certainly one! It was MY PLEASURE to "host" you & roll around Vegas with you..& I'm here if you need me. You're doing EVERYTHING right!

As for Nate.... It's been WELL documented about how I feel about him!

Love you boys & I will see you BOTH soon (if I ever get the fuck out of Philly!).

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Thanks(Big Brother) for your input, encouragement, and loving support in the thread. Deeply regret your stuck in Philly and hope you do get out of there soon. I'll be sure to keep in touch to see how you're doing there. You'll get home soon as I'm quite confident you won't be "STUCK" there for long.

Love you Big Brother, and stay warm there in Philly okay.

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Hey Chris,


I'm looking forward to meeting you hopefully at the next daddy event coming up soon in the near future. Are you going to the event/gathering in DC in January? If so, let me know as I will love to meet you if your there. :).

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