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Fragata - new bull-headed manager

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I returned to Brazil and have a new item to report concerning Fragata.


If things at Fragata were not bad enough with the sporadic attendance of a sufficient amount of garotos, things just got worse because of the behavior (a decision) of a new manager recently hired by Fragata.


Most of us realize that there are different management styles. Some styles increase the value of a company while other styles are detrimental.


Those who have visited Fragata over the past couple of years have experienced "good" nights (lots of garotos) and bad nights (hardly a client or garoto on the place).


Various explanations were offered to explain the major differences (good versus slow nights) over the past couple of years at Fragata.


Many blame the low garoto and client attendance on the possible sale or closing of Fragata.


Unrelated businesses near Fragata have been closed supposedly because the building that houses Fragata and adjacent buildings around Fragata will be demolished to make way for a new large condominium complex.


Sometimes the rumors of the supposed closure seem appropriate while other times, there is no evidence in the facility to indicate a closure. It all depends on the night one visits Fragata. Sometimes Fragata is busy while other times it is not busy.


However, a new manager was hired recently by Fragata.


To make a bad situation even worse, a new recently hired manager told, and continues to tell, customers that he will make Fragata "clean of drugs" of any kind which supposedly will increase attendance at Fragata.


His method to make Fragata "clean of drugs" is to have each garato that enters the facility "strip searched" upon entry into the sauna.


His philosophy is filled with flaws. First, garotos bring in only small amounts of marajuana with them. Small amounts can easily be concealed despite a search. Second, garotos can ask a client to carry marijuana into the sauna for garotos. Third, not many clients are aware of the marijuana use by garotos. Therefore, the supposed use of marijuana by garotos has an unknown attendance effect (if any) on the experiences of clients who pay to visit Fragata.


Needless to say, the garotos dislike being searched prior to entering the sauna. The attendance at the sauna prior to the searches was sporadically low. Now that the searches have begun, attendance by garotos is even lower than it was before the searching began. The better looking garotos now go to Lagoa instead of Fragata. This a not a good solution for Fragata's long-term survival.


It will take more than one zealous "anti drug" manager to "fix" the little bit of marijuana use at the sauna.


In the meantime, since the searches began, business has dropped even more both for garotos and for clients at Fragata.


The new manager does not seem to connect the fact that if the garotos feel degraded by the searches, many of them stay away from the sauna. In turn, the lack of garotos, will cause paying clients to stay away from Fragata. A sauna that already suffers from a lack a decent quantity of available rent boys is no incentive for clients to visit.


I guess it is back to Lagoa for me and who knows for how many more clients and garotos.


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