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OnREQUEST - Diver Dan & Adriano

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Dance, Dance, Dance













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#19 - those legs are Yummy





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With the exceptions of 1, 8, 12, and 36 the rest are standard studio and performance shots. Many are pretty but not terribly interesting. The four listed above and unusual, somewhat erotic and very nice photographs.


Well sir, as the title says. this gallery was a special request for Dancers, and Dancers is what they got ! If I got a request from YOU, I would know EXACTLY what to post ! :D

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Well sir, as the title says. this gallery was a special request for Dancers, and Dancers is what they got ! If I got a request from YOU, I would know EXACTLY what to post ! :D


I think the post did exactly what it was meant to portray. These were all classical dancers with incredible physiques. Maybe sometime in the future we could see some more contemporay dancers from different types of dance. I would personally love to see anything available from the professional male dancers on Dancing With The Stars.


JJK Thanks so much for the variety you present us


Boston Bill

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Jj my comment wasn't meant as a criticism rather simply an observation -- sorry if it came off poorly. Now I AM curious. OK consider this a request to post photos of guys appealing to me. I don't doubt for a minute that you will nail me but I would like to see just how many you can come up with that send me into cataract arrest.

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jj - Thanks so much for ## 3 and 17 of Carlos Acosta. To see him dance is amazing - his Romeo in ROMEO AND JULIET is unique, as is his SPARTACUS, and his Des Grieux in MANON. I would highly recommend his autobiography to any interested, "N Way Home!"


There is something about the masculinity, grace, agility and even, yes, sexuality of the male ballet dancer that has always attracted me. Having witnessed Russian ballet at both the Kirov (Mariinsky) and Bolshoi Theatres, it is amazing that in such a homophobic society as Russia, ballet under Communism especially was championed and appreciated. This was why Nureyev and Baryshnikov were so heralded when they "leapt" over the wall to the west.


I also agree one of the reasons I actually watched 2 seasons of "So you think you can dance" was to see some of the young virile male dancers - some of them were so hot yet barely legal to lure at (like watching Taylor Lautner until he reached 18).

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JJ... thanks so much... my special favorites were #s 4, 22,28, 34, 36, 39 and #40 has an incredibly big basket showing, which is not typical in a ballet pose.... now your next assignment, JJ, is to find the front view of the guys in #36 !!! And as Adriano said, watching Taylor Lautner before he reached 18 was almost sinful... he has such incredible talent, good looks, fantastic body, and all the makings of a great star. I too like contemporary dance and we have some great groups here in Chicago to enjoy. Thanks again for the work you did in putting this together. Dancers are such incredible athletes.


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If you Like Dance Belts









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Thanks JJ, this is a very artistic collection. I admire dancers. It takes incredible self-discipline and YEARS of hard work to achieve the body type and the mobility that these guys exhibit. These pics remind me of some of the Alvin Ailey dancers that I so much admire - BAD boyz, most of them! Too bad Jamar Roberts is no longer with Ailey, he just oozed sex when he moved on stage. In fact, he didn't need to move at all, he was and is GOD.

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Thanks for the additional shots, JJ... once again you are incredible in providing what some of us love. I agree with Baron about Alvin Ailey..and his comment reminded me about a chance encounter a few years ago with one of their guys when they were performing in Chicago.... WOW... something I will always remember.

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