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Hottie Friday (08-24)

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Well, well, well... O my, JAG this is quite a spectacular mix for a Friday (and it will keep me happy through the weekend as well)


The first photo sets the theme "JUST DO ME!" very well for all that follow.


#2 Tatum Channing is a guy I would want to DO anytime, anyplace, and preferably he would be the hot bottom.

## 4 and 8 bring back memories of a certain pied a terre in Lower Manhatten (Wall Street) that was once the dorm for visiting Hungarian and Czech porn stars/escorts - and the balcony in the apartment looked like this, and that back and bum remind me of one of them, Rick Bauer, when he was actively escorting... nice.

#5, mature, sexy, tousled hair, really expressive eyes and glasses, a little scruff, nice dimples, square shoulders, really sexy forearms and hands... want to disrobe him and DO HIM right now.

#9 appleas to the type of men with hairy chests I like, while #10 appeals to the desire for a smooth blond bombshell, but then you go to #11, dark, brooding look, really nice muscled body, and those big soccer or rugby-type hairy legs with veiny thighs and calves, those big dark nips... yeah I want to DO YOU too.

#12 - ah, what is there not to like with Aussie bums?

#16 - Latino delights

#17 - oh, what a smile and oh, what a nice naturally hairy upper torso -- would like to see more of this one!

But then, JAG, in the "extra" section you blew me away with

#23 - Brad Hunt in his younger days. Having sampled the more mature and beefy, hairy, humongous Brad today (avalable in CHI), seeing him as he was when I first began lusting for him is always a delight, and he is still a delight...

#25 sums it up well after I followed the theme of "JUST DO ME" and did Brad!

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What a great post for Friday, JAG... THANKS... and if you don't mind... I would love to see more of #1, #17 and #21, and if you can send them my way, it could be a perfect weekend... Thanks again! And, Adriano... tell me more about Brad !!


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# 9 This absolutely HOT REAL MAN with that handsome face, incredible smile, and perfect hairy chest would be perfect to spend quality time with.


# 23 Truly hope to see Brad on my next venture to Chicago--the city of hunky working guys


Boston Bill

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Adriano's posting truly captured the spirit and set the tone for me here today. Although I will not give any assessment, I'll just jot down

whom I'd like to see during this upcoming weekend as well as some of the days next week because I'm looking for company/play time from

at least eleven hot guys which include #2 #7 #11 [...hot nips...] #12 #14 #15 #16 [...BOTH...] #21 [...interesting looking...] and

#24 [i'd like to watch this action between those 2 before joining in.]

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