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BG is one of the most astute posters here... and he is definitely correct about "bringing your wallet" and especially in NYC where dentists charge telepnone numbers for fees! Therefore, if finances are a concern Albany might offer more bang for your buck... However, if you are looking for the best of the best in NYC and since you specifically mention that your would prefer a "great periodontist", check out Dr. Dennis Tarnow formally a department head at NYU and currently associated with Colombia, he can do it all. He is also a renowned lecturer in addition to his private practice. I personally know a patient of his and she is "in love with him"... but to get back to what BG said... do bring your wallet. http://www.nycsdonline.com/About-Us/dr-dennis-tarnow-dds-dental-implant-and-cosmetic-dentist.html

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Poor Dr. Tarnow's ears must be ringing!


Well... Dr. Tarnow does have a sterling reputation (actually in all seriousness he is quite respected)... well... up until now that is... So let me set the record straight:


To the best of my knowledge the good doctor has never been a member or even a guest at the New York Bondage Club... at least I have never seen him there... Furthermore, from what I hear he does strive to use the latest in painless methods... but that is as "to the best of my knowledge"...


And just to set the record straight... I have not personally taken a local anesthetic for any dental work in the last forty years... So I practice what I preach in all aspects of my life... ;) Yep! I'm tough! :)

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