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411 SEBASTIAN RIO in Los Angeles

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Hey fellows,


Have any of you had the wonderful opportunity to engage the services of SebastianRio of Los Angeles, Porn star and escort? He is one friggin' hot man, and my potent desire might be

realized when he travels to San Francisco next month. Today I wrote to him; he responded back immediately. In order to accommodate time for me, he hopes to arrive two days earlier. I hope he's genuine in having written this. His http://www.renboy.com {Los Angeles} and his http://www.rentmen.com ad and vids and pics are very definitely stirring me so-- that I MUST see him.


At http://www.rentmen.com I wrote twice or three times in his blogspot; his responses back to me were indeed enticing and quite encouraging. If we manage to meet, all of you can rest assured that I'll write a detailed review which I'll enjoy doing.


But more importantly I like being with "hunky, hung" uninhibited, interactive men. With Sebastian I will definitely "yield to his ever command" within my comfort zone. He seems like he'd be one hell of a hot fuck, one that will be long remembered as well as ripe for repeats!


Who's been with this friggin hottie? He's not reviewed here unless he's under another completely different name. He's in Palm Springs until tomorrow. He plans to be in SF during the latter part of next month for four or five days!!!! He's already booked for the 24th and 25th.

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Looks interesting, but his nicotine habit makes him much less attractive to me.



Thanks for your assistance. I am wondering about his smoking and hope that when he arrives he'll have a "sparkling breath and mouth in general." If he does not, then he and I will enjoy

drinking some sparkling water followed by some very stimulating mouth wash. {i am a NON SMOKER and will apprise him of that.}


I truly hope that he confirms the appointment for our tentative date and will be in "full form," giving me all of his "hard, virile, masculine expertise and interest."

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