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Montreal July 5-8

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Thursday and Friday there was a good crowd and I’d estimate at least 15 twink dancers. Had a good time yet there is a strange vibe to the place. As has been mentioned before the dancers spend a lot of their time either smoking outside or talking to each other. Still others were latched on to one person and did not circulate.


Got to Taboo a little too early on Saturday (8:30) and for a while thought it was going to be a dull evening. Things picked up quickly and while the crowd was sparser there was a nice selection of dancers. Actually the sparser crowd made it easier to get a dancer’s attention.


Sunday as expected was the least crowded but a good number of dancers.


Overall had a very good time at Taboo. But fair warning you have to be into twinks. Ask the dancer if it’s OK before you touch the junk as some will try to charge you more to touch. Also before I start a lap dance I make it clear that I want to do two songs. Most dancers will let you know when they’ve done two songs and it avoids hassle about song count. I’ll do more if the dancer is good.


Skylar - He’s tall and trim, great abs, legs and ass – for me a body to die for. Fun to talk to and even more fun in back. Youthful and charming - it would be very easy to fall in love with him.


Nathan - also tall and trim. Swimmers body and somewhat feminine. I remember him from before Joe took over the bar. It was nice to see him again. OK lap dance.


Bobby - short on the thin side and tattooed. Speaks excellent English. He seemed to be very down to earth and I enjoyed talking to him. Nice in back.


Kevin – blonde, tall with a little more bulk but a very nice body. It was difficult to get his attention most nights but finally did on Sunday. Was worth the wait.


Johnny/Gianni (?) – very tall and thin, curly dark hair, nice olive colored skin. Not a very good lap dance.


Fox – is really tall and rail thin with a pony tail. He is really sensual and says he loves to be touched which proved to be true. He won’t be everybody’s type but I enjoyed his lap dance very much.



Got to Campus every night around 5:30 and stayed till 7:30 or 8:00. A good number of dancers each night except Sunday. Dancers are friendly and not pushy and most circulate pretty well. They seem to be taller and a little bulkier than I remember from past years.


For me $20.00 a song is pricey so I’m a little more selective at Campus. The song count at Campus can be tricky because there is different music playing out front than in the back but I was impressed with the honesty of the dancers all of whom waited for a new song to start before they began.


Brad – very cute and great smile he has a chin strap beard and earing in his left ear. A good lap dance. Unfortunately he says he only works Tuesday and Thursday so was only able to enjoy him one night.


Etienne – nice friendly guy with a swimmers body wearing a baseball cap. Good in back.


Oliver – was sitting next to me Saturday night fully clothed and not talking to anyone. So I said hello. Turns out he was auditioning that night – testing the waters to see how it went. We chatted for a while and then I had to leave. He was back on Sunday with no shirt and obviously available. He is blonde, handsome, more muscular than I usually like with nice broad shoulders. Good lap dance.


Zoa – I remember Zoa from last year. He has filled out considerably and seems taller. I find him very attractive but sadly didn’t get a chance for a lap dance this time. I will seek him out on my next trip.


Samurai Exhibit

I found this exhibit of Samurai armor and history at the Pointe-à-Callière at the Old Port very interesting. The 715 bus will take you to its door. This text is copied from their website:


Pointe-à-Callière, the Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History, presents Samurai – The Prestigious Collection of Richard Béliveau, a fascinating foray into the rich and complex world of these mythical warriors who ruled Japan for 700 years. The exhibition examines various facets of the lives of the samurai, who were both warriors and art lovers.

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