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First Time Experience

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I am fascinated with the first time experience.


My first time with a boy was with a neighbor boy was a few years younger then I was.....I was around 12 and he was about 10, I think. He would come and spend the night and we would end up playing "mattress". This is where I would lay on top of him or he would lay on top of me. I guess that we would move around a bit until I got a funny feeling and we would stop. We never progressed further then this and many years later while speaking with his mother who knew I was gay, I asked her why she let him spend the night in spite of her believing I was gay. Her response was, "If he was gay, he would enjoy it, if not, it would make no difference." An enlightened lady.



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My first experience happened when I was 15. I had a brother who was two years older than me who was gay.. I had found his porn stash on numerous occasions so I knew what I liked and what I wanted. But my first time, I had ridden my bike to the nearby Target store. I went in the restroom and there were no doors on the stalls. I noticed a guy in one of the stalls. I got scared and left the restroom rather quickly. But went back in a few minutes later. He was still there.. He followed me out of the restroom. I had quickly left the store and got on my bike, and started to ride away.. I looked back and there he was, watching me pedal off. I nervously rode in circles, deciding what to do. I ended up riding back up to him, and long story short, we ended up in his old VW beetle, in the dark parking lot, exchanging oral. It developed my taste for what was my primary source of fun for several years, tea room sex...I knew of all the best, cruisiest bathrooms in Houston back in those days..

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