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IML in Chicago, "The Happiest Time of the Year"

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As I was talking to my friend Okie, last evening, I was recounting the week that had just passed. He felt I should pass along my follies for the interested public. For me, truly, it is Christmas time. I felt like Sherri Sheppard at last Tuesday’s DWTS finale while she was dancing to “Its Raining Men!” Although no Max or Val or Derek or Mark or Tristan, etc, the event of course is IML in Chicago. If you have never had the pleasure of attending, well neither have I. I am only there during the day and head home for evening, but what occurs is the collection of stallions like at no other time of the year. Through the years I have learned to be patient and also plan my spring around this event. I was not disappointed and received a lovely bonus when drops of “Rain” fell a bit north and had literally a star fall right in my lap err should I say “ass.”


My week of fun in Chicago began with the poster boy for IML-Jake Mitchell.

http://jakemitchellxxx.com/ I had not seen him since January so conversation to start but well I have a review already posted and not one damn thing has changed.


After my good byes off to try my first group outing a four-way with men who could easily grace the cover of a Village People cover with their construction gear photos. I had met 2 of the group earlier this year and my #3 is no slouch friends, what a mix, Latino, Eastern European and Anglo white guy. What couple of hours, a review coming, but guys this group is not always together but when you see the ad they are, jump, My ass received all three. They are mainly out of New York and their maybe a summer overnight with them in my future.



Yes the pig in me still had room left and off I was for one more taste testing, this time a new Californian recently full time to the scene. Drew is young very sexual, good looking and definitely has a wild side again a review coming a very nice young gentleman.



I was back on Friday for more sampling. Mark Dawson next on the list nice guy and great kisser



I had one more in me and chose a complete unknown for my finale, Sergio. I had hoped for a 3-way but friend opted to stay home. Although we had a little time connection problem at the beginning, he quickly made up for it with an outstanding performance and the body is real. Again a future late summer overnight maybe in the works with partner in tow, I can only hope.



Now my fetish week could have easily been complete with all that, but late Monday I was stunned to see multiple people in my own town, I fell over and had to get an appetizer for my trip to Chicago, so I opted for an out-of-college but no job guy, Will. Oh my god! A review coming but seriously he walked in and okay nice good looking guy, athletic. We hit the bed and I was stunned with the intensity of the sex and the big thick stick in between his legs, fuck what a break in session for Chicago so good I went back for seconds on Thursday. He says versatile, all I can say is WHY!!



So a well fucked ass and job well done and feel free to call me SLUT, Romann does. Oh and guess what when IML comes to town I am so lucky because my man comes back home so I still get Tyger coming up this week. Merry Christmas to me!


How did everyone else do at IML??

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