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Murray Hill Gang

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By reading posts I have picked up that the Murray Hill Gang is somewhat of a fraud, I think, but I don't get it? Why would they post ads? Is it all for the private pictures or the videos? I am guessing that there is something that triggers the more seasoned forum members to know that an ad is probably a Murray Hill ad. Also, why is it called Murray Hill ? Just thought would ask since I have seen it mentioned numerous times.



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Ah, Grasshopper! You raise several interesting questions. First of all, they are called "The Murray Hill Gang" (I think Glutes can take credit for the term) because when these scams began a few years ago, all the "masseurs" were located in a building at 37th St & 2nd Ave. They post these ads because, as P.T. Barnum (and W.C. Fields) said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

What triggers "the more seasoned forum members" to recognize these frauds is the broken English in both the ad and in the "reviews," and the omnipresent inclusion of a 30-minute "massage." And they're almost all twinks, mostly named Sasha, Igor, and Nikolai.

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