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Under the gun.

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WOW, Rich... I posted a response to your first set and then saw the next two... what a collection... I especially love #9 in the second set.... who is he? and can we see more of him? But then I got to 14, 18 and especially 27. Fantastic... thanks for making my day. I am off to work with lusty thoughts... will be hard to concentrate on work, thinking about your post. Have a great day, and thanks again !!


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AH Yes, some repeats, and some NEW meat...


My Wed picks are:


#2 - nice Full balls, and you know they are Squeeky clean

#4 - voluptuous butt rising up to meet my face.

#9 - now THIS is the Incredible Hulk

#11 - had to drool over those perky nips

#18 - like the way he "hangs"

#21 - nice THICK tongue depressor

#25 - 2 sexy cocks UP and ready

#27 - my favorite piece of Art, "Cock in Repose"

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I can't decide which I like more, # 9 (who is absolute perfection in my book) or WisteriaDay's "christ on crackers" comment. Oh, heck, who am I kidding, WD that was funny but # 9, oh my gosh.... Where do I sign up for even 5 minutes of that man's time?


I'm honored you even considered it :p

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Thank you Doit for this incredible set...#18 too sweet. But #14 works out at my gym. We chat from time to time and I have always wanted to tell him that there is this picture floating around the internet of him, it looks like he was not even aware that someone was taking the shot, but alas he is a straight boy and I am not sure how that conversation would go. LOL

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