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JbDubs with “I Hate My Job”




JbDubs writes, produces, & performs all his own music and choreographs his performances. He describes his music as “out and proud music for hungry ears”. He is also a Principal Ballet Dancer with the Boston Ballet and in his new music video for his song “I Hate My Job,” you see some of his fierce moves. He’s got legs… and so do his backup dancers!


The three “regulation hotties” wear shirts & ties, no pants, and glossy bright red heels. Sidenote: JbDubs also sports some scruff on his face which I think definitely works for him. The concept of the video made me think of when Justin Timberlake & some of the SNL boys parody’d Beyonce’s “Single Ladies“. That being said, this is no joke and these guys can really dance. JbDubs also reminds me of the European group, Kazaky.


Warning: The catchy song you’re about to hear will likely get stuck in your head and you may suddenly be inspired by the video to drop your pants and start dancing – especially if you hate your job. Enjoy!



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Hey Daddy,

Thanks for this additional post... guess I will now have some additional appreciation for the Boston Ballet ! WOW... this guy has it all, and I till can't get over how he can do the splits! Does he have a BF? I am sure he gets a lot of offers. Maybe Boston Bill can do some research for us. Thanks again for this post, Daddy.


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I posted the other day to this! Today, 04/22/12, I am "smiling" -:) and on the verge of cracking up. I also agree that the "man in the middle" is "butch!" He's only doing it to please his amigos!! -:)

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