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Taboo Still Tops in Twinks

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One of the great success stories to report from Montreal is the resurgence of Taboo as the premier showcase for beautiful twinks in the world. Last Friday and Saturday, Taboo was as good as it was in the Golden Days of 3-5 years ago. Rumors that Taboo was declining and becoming irrelevant are simply not true.


The space and ambience in Taboo are special and successful. The seating is good and plentiful, and the raised platform helps with viewing. The sound level is just right, and the heating/air conditioning/smoke removal system works very well - no bad drafts nor smoky rooms. The back room set-up is now working wonderfully. Please keep this quiet, but apparently the GUARDIAN OF THE BACK ROOM has been put on a tight leash. For two busy nights last week he barely walked into the back room, and I never saw him chastise anyone. I enjoyed myself as much in the back room at Taboo as I do in the back rooms at Campus, and that is considerably. Please do not abuse the situation.


There was a wonderful variety of dancers, including a number of new boys and no skinny little guys. Some old-timers like Francis give continuity but lots of new blood is injecting changes which are subtle but very important and good. For me, the Prince of the New Boys is the 20 yo French exchange student, Thibaut. He is handsome, beautiful, cute, smooth, dances well, smiles charmingly, and is helping create a whole new ambience. And I don't know how he learned. When Thibaut is not on stage, he walks all around the room, looking for someone who is interested in him. When I caught his eye, he smiled, came over, sat down, and we chatted for ten or fifteen minutes while I petted him and he purred. He is intelligent, articulate, and very interesting to talk with. Then we had a lap dance, which was wonderful. Kissing seems to be much more popular at Taboo now, and Thibaut is probably the best kisser in Montreal. When we finished, he followed me back to my seat and chatted a little more while nuzzling. Then he graciously excused himself, walked a short distance and sat down with another customer. He was in and out of the back room all night, making good money for school I am sure, not rushing anybody, but giving everyone who was interested a wonderful time. No standing with other dancers and ignoring customers, no staying all night with a favored patron. More experienced Antoine does the same thing beautifully. Antoine has now grown into his body and works out so that he has beautiful shoulders, chest, back, abdomen, legs, and I think even his cock has grown. He sits and chats and cuddles with many different customers, and then charmingly says, "May I offer you a dance?" and gives a wonderful lap dance, and then comes back to your seat with you and chats and cuddles a little more before he moves on. Other dancers are beginning to notice the system and how well it works and try to imitate it.


The Newest Boy (he began one week ago) is Maxim (actually Marc, but there were already two Marks dancing and so he had to choose something else). He is charming, sweet, has a beautiful smooth body, and gives a very nice lap dance. Newboy Nicholas is a tall, handsome blond farmboy who has come to the city for his education - and needs some money. He is sweet, somewhat naive but also knowledgeable, very affectionate and cuddly, and gives a great lap dance. He is naturally muscled, smooth, and has a swimmer's body. Young Damien's body is beginning to fill out and he is cuter than ever. His oh-so-tight jeans no longer slide down his hips but cling and swell front and back. He is very popular in the back room. Cedric is a charming twink with a beautiful smooth, nicely proportioned body and a preppy look. Mark has the longest curling eyelashes of any dancer, as well as a powerful tight smooth body and perfectly round buns-of-steel; he's a charmer. Tall Johnny has a very nice body, extra long cock, and is very popular in the back room. I saw him with two customers at one time, and it was amazing what he (and they) could accomplish. Francis is the nicest guy, great to talk with, very nice body, and very good lap dance. Dominic is still too tall and thin for me, but he has a large number of customers who really like him. He always smiles and is in a good mood and spends much time in back. Kevin is a little older and quite solid, but very sexy with sultry bedroom eyes. Mike is a handsome, sexy guy with a full physique who spent all evening in lo-rise white briefs. Francesco is the tall, smooth, slender, handsome Black dancer, very well hung, that other posters have commented on. Zack and Derek dress and look and dance in a funky way, but both are nice guys and fun to play with, at a table or in back. Louis is the bottle-blond mentioned in another post; I don't know him yet. John is a cute baby-faced boy who is very sweet but shy; his body still has baby-fat, making him eminently cuddly. Frederic is a little short, solid in build, with a beautiful cock and ass, does a nice performance, and is good in back. Michael also is a little more mature, with a smooth nice body. The assortment in incredible.


There is non-stop entertainment, no interludes of music, and each dancer first dances in pants to a fast beat. Dancers alternate in sets of three. Then they come back later to do a slow dance while totally nude. The dancers at Taboo try, more than the dancers at any other bar, to actually dance and perform while showing off their full bodies, every curving centimeter. 20+ dancers perform Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and often Sunday; the other days there are fewer, 10-15.


The back room at Taboo was busy all night, and experienced dancers told me that they are again being kept busy and making good money; the atmosphere is really good again. (The "final" trial date is Dec. 8. Will someone in Montreal please let us know what happens?) The new practices (=non-cliquishness and regular circulation in the room) are very good and hopefully permanent. The atmosphere in Taboo has always been relaxed and friendly and "family." The club is back to what it was three years ago, a wonderful place to spend an evening with friends and lots of the cutest twinks that can be found anywhere performing nude for our enjoyment. May they have many more years of success!

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