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Vive le Montréal !

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[Another man's take on last week in Montreal.]


If you were not in Montreal last week, you may have missed one of the greatest weeks in the history of


male strippers. Never have so many boys and guys been ready to shed all and share sensual pleasures.


Young guys eager for money for the holidays and students needing cash swelled the ranks considerably.


All four stripper clubs in the village and five escort agencies in town were bursting with eager and willing


boys last week. It can't last forever; waiting until next spring might be too late.


To start. When you arrive at Dorval Airport, the New Customs Room is now complete and very


nice. I arrived on Air Canada at Gate #73 which is right across the corridor from the room - no more long


walk. The facility is huge, light and bright, and very efficient. Although I arrived in late afternoon at the


busiest time of day, customs took only five minutes. I caught a ride into town only 15 minutes after


getting off the plane.


The temperatures were in the 40s, for the most part (that was an 8 C.), and it was dry. Montreal was


already prepped for Christmas and so the lights and decorations were everyplace. Ste. Catherine


was colorful and festive, and all the restaurants seemed packed every night. Business appeared to be


very good.


An added bonus was that WEGA and Priape, the two gay porn shops in the village, were


having their semi-annual video sale. They had all the BelAmi videos up through "Frisky Summer


2", Falcon vidoes, Bjorn, Studio 2000, and Mustang videos on sale for $7.50 U.S. apiece if you bought 10


or more ($11 each for 1-4, $9 each if you bought 5-9). You can almost pay for your trip on the money you


save on BelAmi videos. They cannot be sold in the U.S. at these prices, and so they will not accept


phone or e-mail orders; you must buy in person in Montreal. They were just unpacking stacks of them as


I walked through.


There are now five escort agencies advertising in Fugues : Bel Agence/Hot Boys, which has


been around for quite a while and is highly recommended 514-598-5354; Entre Gars 514-313-609, which is


owned by Luc, a very friendly and helpful guy who speaks good English; Horse Boys Agency, which


says it has 30 guys available at 514-825-6984; Energy Agency under Steve at 514-253-8421; and Prince


Agency 514-962-5748. {I don't personally know anything about the last four agencies.]


The stripper clubs in town are:





Campus from 3:00-9:00 p.m. is better than ever and filled with twinks. Waiters Antoine and


Dennis are helpful, friendly, efficient, and great guys. There is a wonderful new dj, Vincent,


who is a former dancer from Taboo. He is blond, cute as can be, has a delicious derriere, and speaks


American English clearly. You can catch the name of every singer without difficulty. When I chatted


with him, he says he wants to make extra efforts not to rush and slur words, but to speak clearly so


customers can understand him. Appreciated.


The afternoon shift has Ultimate Twinks ( the best of the best) through natural young physiques, to


nicely developed physiques and some definition, but not gym bunnies. There were no big muscular guys


at all through the week during the afternoon. On Friday and Saturday, the first shift comes on at 3:00, a


second shift is added at 6:00, more dancers come on at 9:00. Between 5:30 and 6:00, there were so many


gorgeous boys entering that the circular staircase coming down from the undressing room upstairs


looked like a scene from the Ziegfield Follies with doll after doll descending. The areas for lap dances at


Campus are very good, and pleasures abound.


Among the Ultimate Twinks are Phil and Pascal and Sylvester (who does several new


acrobatic acts on the poles, for which he receives large rounds of applause) and Kenny and


newguy Miguel (a beautiful little Inca from Peru) and Yvan (with a new haircut and bangs


which make him look very, very young) and newboy James (a stunning tall alabaster-white-skinned


boy who is a butcher during the day; he does handstands which make his already stunning butt-melons


swell out deliciously; his skin is so perfect, smooth, and toned that you imagine he must bathe in fresh


milk) and sexy Xavier (who was just hired for a plum of a new job downtown and starts today.


Congratulations, Xavier!) and newboy Jason (who is 19 yo and sports a 9.5 in dick) and


magnificent Roberto (from Cuba). At the other end of the afternoon spectrum are those guys a little


more mature and developed, but still smooth and well porportioned; these included Ghislain (from


Taboo, who has returned to dancing part-time), cute Francis (formerly Angelo, because of the large


wing tattoos on his shoulder blades), sexy, seductive, and provocative Raven, ruddy and sweet


Chris, pont-tailed Ben, solid and sexy Jesse, Chad, Nathaniel,


Etienne, the irrepresibly smiling Yannick, and firm bodied Sascha and Frank.


Most of the dancers circulate regularly, enjoy talking with customers, and are eager to give lap dances. I


was not pressured by a single dancer.


You are guaranteed a good time at Campus any day. On Saturday it was so popular that they opened the


curtain to enlarge the space at 5:00 = very early. The crowd is a nice mixture of younger and older guys,


and there is a very pleasant feeling between dancers and customers. If you indicate you would like to talk


with a dancer, he will always join you and you can rub his back and be chummy, although you should


eventually have a lap dance for at least a little while with him. Even Phil, who is the past stayed pretty


much by the pool table, seemed to spend most of his time (when not giving lap dances) out in the club


walking around and sitting at various tables and chatting. = Very Good Sign.



A couple of blocks further east is [h2]STOCK BAR [/h2]


Stock is changing. The guys are still gym bunnies, but they are in general not as old, not as big,


and not as (overly) developed.Jessy, Anthony, and Steven, all formerly of Taboo, are dancing


there, and many of the other dancers are new, younger, shorter and a little smaller, cute, and they smile a


lot. They are not twinks, but they are not muscle bound either. If you have not been to the bars, Stock is


physically the newest and nicest, very spacious, with very cute sexy waiters, and the crowd tends to be


the most vocal and interactive with the dancers. The back room is very active and very enjoyable. I


stopped in three times to chat with dancers I know and look around, but I did not stay for longer periods


to pick up lots of new names.



[h2] Adonis [/h2]


This is one of the exciting new stories in Montreal, as other posters have noted. Adonis always came in


last in ratings among the stripper bars in the past, but that has changed. But I would add that it is a mixed


bag for right now. MON-TUES-WED are currently Ladies Nights, and you can avoid the club completely


those nights. Women don't care for twinks at all, and so no twinks dance. Wednesday night last week


featured a bunch of huge guys with huge dicks stomping around the stage to rap music.


But Thursday night last week, as others have noted, was an incredible experience. The crowd was nice


but not jammed, so you didn't have people standing all over, including in front of you, and you could


walk around easily. There was a large asssortment of very cute twinks, many of them new. And nicely,


they walked around the whole room, meeting people, and sitting with various new customers, not merely


the old timers. Roberto (formerly of Taboo and Damien's bf, but not "Cuban Roberto" who is at


Campus) is a standout in looks and charm, Pierre looks better than ever and very happy with his bf


Ralph, David is exceptional (and going to medical school), Devint (that's the way he


spelled it for us, saying he didn't know why his mother chose it) is so voluptuous you want to eat him,


with certainly the best ass in the place, Marcus is as handsome and charming as others have


stated, and slender good-dancer Ryan, and newboy Jay, who has a beautiful body and did


wonderful lap dances, and John (who has been there a while but has a very nice body and does a


nice show). Angel, the blond charmer from Paris, was there also on Saturday. A number of other


dancers were also present. It was so good that I did not make it to Taboo.


But Saturday night, for me, was much like the old Adonis. Some of the wonderful twinks were there, but


some of the Hulk Hogans from Wednesday were also there and some dancers who wore knit caps all the


time and grungy clothes and slouched and stomped only to rap music. Not nice. There are some


problems in Adonis that have not yet been addressed. The place is the smallest of the clubs and limited


in space. This means that when you have a big crowd, like Saturday, there really is not enough room.


People are standing all over; it is difficult to move and see. And the noise level is extremely high, into the


painful range. Another problem is that there is no back stage, so dancers must walk through the audience


to get to the stage. Almost no one will do this nude. So the slow/"totally nude" dance that each dancer


performs, is usually not that. Most of the dancers drop their pants and briefs only briefly, but do not take


them off. This may be purely practical because of the stage set-up, but it is a problem. A guy as


gorgeous as Roberto never is fully nude - unless you invite him in back.


Martin, one of the Saturday waiters, is as cute as a petit twink waiter could possibly be.


Adonis' improvement has been substantial, and at times it becomes a (good) rival to Taboo. But there are


some problems, and it is not yet consistent. Thursday night was a wonderful, exciting, full experience


which will bring me back to try again.


* * * * * *


The other great success story is Taboo, but that will be a separate post.


[Can someone tell me why this is double-spacing and how to stop it? I do not want it. Thanks.]

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