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Boardwalk - Update 11.7.04

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The Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale is in full swing for high season, and last night was filled with a nice crowd and 25+ dancers, none of whom were big muscular types. The ambience was very friendly and quite dark for a while, which was enjoyable for its opportunities. Most of the dancers are young (18-23) with natural bodies, and most work out sometimes for some muscle development. The back room was busy all night, and many of the dancers were giving their phone numbers to customers.


Two hottest new dancers were Tom and Julio.


Tom is tall and slender but not skinny, with nice endowment and rounded butt. He wore a white thong, white sneakers, and a wide smile; he was in the back room almost all night. Very nice.


Julio is from Chile, very very cute and sexy. Black hair with bangs down forehead, well developed chest, full basket, and nice round butt. He speaks English well and has fun giving pleasure. This was his second night. He wore black lace see-through briefs. He was very pleasant and accommodating for bar caressing as well as back room action. Great smile and charm.


Cameron is petit in height, but nicely developed, and was in a very good mood last night. He works manual labor during the day and goes to school part-time so he sometimes is tired at night; last night he was filled with energy and charm. Very well developed for his size, and popular in the back room.


Jeremy sports a short haircut and his body continues to develop as he works out. He has been in several porn videos now, but is still young. He is popular in the back room and danced on the bar for part of the evening in white thong. [Emphasis on clothing since for a while, dancers preferred wearing boxer briefs and black boots; there has been a definite improvement.]


Tony was new, at least for me, early 20s. He wore a brief bathing suit which had a zipper in both front and back and was tailored to fit each curve of his ass, with both zippers pulled half way down. He danced on the bar and circled a couple of times and was very good. He is charming, well built, beautiful legs, chest, ass and equipment, and cute face. Smooth body and great smile and talker.


Jake is a twink who is cute to look at and can be good in back, but often mopes around the bar. He was in moping mood last night.


Angelo is new and from Venezuela, as were several of the really cute, nicely built and hung boys. Sparkling eyes, small black thong which showed off his butt very nicely, and very full package. Cute and friendly.


Rodrigo is from Venezuela also, but must be a little older. Has his BA already, is a musician and singer, works during the day, and is earning extra money at night. Very nice, beautifully smooth, slender soft warm body. Very nice stage presentation and fun to cuddle.


JB, the shot boy, is cute as ever. He is in school and making the dean's list. His thongs get brief and briefer, which is fine because he has a delightful young full body. Between selling shots he is available for friendly and frisky play around the bar. Nice kid.


Gus is a handsome stud with firm muscled body and friend of Angelo and Henry. He wore a white thong and white sneakers which showed off his body very nicely. I suspect he is fairly new, and he seemed more attracted to a couple of the women in the bar then the men, but he did kiss several of the other dancers in a very warm way. I will try him next time.


Andrew, from Uruguay, has been there a while, but is very nice and remembers customers well. He speaks English very well and is fun to play with at the bar or in back. Nicely developed body, large endowment and round butt; can also be a very nice kisser.


Sebastian is one of the young Latin Americans with a little longer hair. He enjoys kissing and cuddling and is very popular with the older customers. His chest still has some baby flab, but his equipment and butt are well developed. He is good in the back room but also at the bar where he will cuddle for a long time providing you keep slipping bills in his briefs. He almost purrs with pleasure as you pet him.


Henry is in his early 20s and stunningly handsome. His body is nicely developed, absolutely smooth, and his face is very handsome. He is pleasant, although probably straight. He was in a red bikini brief which showed his body off very well.


Vince has been there a while and has a very well deveoped body which he keeps totally smooth. He is very acrobatic and very sexy and always does a good show. He is advertising in Hotspots, so he certainly is looking for business. At times he can be very cuddly and sexy.


Dennis and Sean are two handsome, completely smooth and nice Black dancers who give very good lap dances.


There were probably ten other dancers whose names I did not catch. But lots of fun was available for everyone.

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