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Review of Daniel at Gaiety (Natural Bodybuilder de Argentina)

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Already submitted this as a review, and posted at muscleservice, but wanted to let the guys here know about Daniel since he will only be here for 5 more days so get to the Gaiety or use the contact info that he gave me to post, if you are interested.


I was bored on Thursday night so I went to the Gaiety for the 8 :30 pm show and stayed for the 10:30pm show. For muscle, there were two guys there that were incredible but had two totally different physiques. Zack from Canada is jacked up and has alot of quality muscle. Looks to be over 200 pounds with huge chest, great arms, abs and traps. Great if you want a big bodybuilder type ; doesnt look like a natural competitor, but many people want that : )


Now for Daniel...this man is really quality and I mean body and the way he conducts business. First, Daniel is a natural competitive bodybuilder from Argentina, but is in NY semi-frequently. He will be back here in December also.

When you see him on stage, you can see this guy competes and the way he moves, you can tell he has a background in martial arts as well as combining posing and dancing. He is ripped up, has great biceps, sculpted pecs, perfect abs, cannon ball delts, huge lat flare and really cut up, defined, ripped legs. Definitely what you would expect from a natural competitor in his 20's.


Now for his demeanor and integrity : This guy was about making the money the right way. When he asked what I wanted to do, I turned it around and said, "What can you do ?" Most people who response with another question, but he started to very honestly state what he would do. He was very cool and actually offered a bit more than I could handle (still being a novice in quite a few areas : )

Bottom line : This guy could have got me off in 15 minutes, but he made sure that I had the full hour. This means a lot to me since he did not know me, and could have taken advantage, but didnt. I thought that said a good deal about him, or at the very least, his commitment to this negotiation.


Daniel does not speak a lot of English, so we spoke mostly Spanish, but you should have no problem communicating with him. In the beginning we spoke only English until I decided that I would just bust out in my ghetto Spanish (my grammar is horrible, but my accent is awesome : )


If you like natural competitive bodybuilders and want to have a quality time with someone who is bisexual, get in touch with this guy. I always feel bad if a guy is totally straight cause I would not want to deal with someone's cock if I was totally straight. I know, I know...its a business arrangment, but that is the way I feel. I sometimes wonder if the really straight guys cant stand what they are doing, but that is just speculation on my part. Anyway, it was cool to be with Daniel because he really got in to it.


Daniel gave me his contact info and said I could post it here. Im gonna post it at another website too, cause this is one of those guys that is probably not getting enough publicity. I am sure that he has pictures somewhere, and I would bet they are contest pics. His shape right now is very close to competition form for a natural bodybuilder.


Daniel (from Argentina)


email : danielovni@yahoo.com.ar


cell (miami) : 305-527-5076 ... I believe that this is the number to contact him while in the US


The guy is great so be upfront and he will be upfront with you. Remember that English is difficult for him so speak slow and plainly, or try your Spanish.

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