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Art of the Gaiety

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(no, no the the dancers)


A link to a gallery of painter Patrick Angus' work. Plus some poetry...



Theres a book that goes with this show.

Strip Show: Paintings by Patrick Angus, introduced by Douglas Blair Turnbaugh. London: Editions Aubrey Walter, 1992. $50




Recognize him?



Obviously another era.



Love the knee high socks.



Cold, sad or a victim of bad lighting?



A view from the stage few of us get to see.




Gasp! Smoking! In the theater!



Read the poetry too.

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Guest zipperzone

>I don't know much about art, but I know bad art when I see

>it. I went to this guys website, and he is asking $14,000 for

>the Apollo Room painting.


He could also ask $140,000 - doesn't mean he's gonna get it!

In my opinion, his paintings suck - big time.

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I don't think they are half bad,

I am usually shocked at asking prices for artwork anyway and would have no idea how to price my own. If he is a proven artist with a following maybe he'll get it too.


Would be interesting to follow up and see what sold.

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