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Ghislaine's retirement party at Taboo

marc anthony
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Tonight, there is a retirement party for Ghislaine, in honor of his leaving the biz after more than a decade of making people happy at Taboo.


First I will say that I have always thought Ghislaine as one of the truly "good guys" in the strip biz, and I will be sad to see him go, but wish him the best in his new career. I also am sorry that I could not be there for this event.


I know others are there, so I am sure we will get a report on the celebration.


What I really wanted to point out is this...


Here is a guy, who is straight and is "old" (by twink standards), who did VERY well for himself over an extended period of time in a gay bar for twink lovers.


It is a message out there for all others in the XXX biz of how far a positive demeanor and a warm personality can get you (it also doesn't hurt if you like to suck ears as Ghislaine did so well, hehe).

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Hey Mark, you were sorely missed. I gave Ghislaine your best wishes. It was a great night -- very emotional for Ghislaine and some other dancers as well. After nine years he is ready to move on. There is excitement and anticipation in opening new doors in his life yet he was sad to close this door at the same time.


A good crowd was on hand with a couple of new cute dancers.( I will get names tonight when I do some healing by the 'laying on of hands'. :7 I'm sure that I will feel much better after the treatment. :p ) A 'chinese auction' was held for each of a dozen or so dancers, the winning bid getting a 'free' dance with the dancer. It was a money raising scheme to send Ghislaine off and seemed quite successful. It was fun. I missed Ghislaine's farewell stage dance --had to take a 'friend' home and I got back a few minutes after he finished. I hear that it ended in a very emotional moment and that he received a very nice round of stage tips (VERY NICE). A mutual friend of ours, local Canadian, popped a nice bottle of French Champagne for Ghishlaine and the other dancers. Just before closing I took Ghislaine back for his very last backroom dance. In addition to his usual excellent dance we reminisced about the old times and anticipated the future. It was a very emotional night for him. He leaves with many warm memories. He said he really loved the job and enjoyed meeting many fine people over the years, many that he he counts as friends, but that it was time to move on. I'll miss him.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Tying up Pre-Labor Day Weekend Loose Ends


It was a nice trip if lower key than usual weekend visits. I missed Friday and Saturday nights due to lack of reasonable hotel availablity on Sat. night. Priceline was DOA, most online listings were sold out. Of those remaining I saw quotes as high as $600-800$ US for 3*s and over a thousand for a 4*. There were a few others available at the much more reasonable $200+. So I skipped Sat and the Friday that preceded it becasue I'm not up to sleeping in cars. :o And my special reason for attending was the retirement party on Sunday night. So I stayed ultimately to Wendesday. Although I got the great Prceline rate for the Hyatt for Sun and Mon, when I tried to extend to Tues night the entire Montreal Priceline inventory had dried up and the horrendous online hotel rates had returned. (I know the film festival is going on but can that account for the hotel craziness?) Fortunately, the Gouverneur was business-as-usual -- I got one of the few remaining business class rooms. Bottom line: if planning a trip to montreal then book early.


As described above... a great party on Sunday night with a few new dancers and many of the regulars though some are gone. Kai has returned to Quebec City and will be moving back to Europe in the fall. David is going to California. Ghislaine has retired. Migual has vanished into the woodwork. Sammy, the bartender had his farewell night Wed. He is taking a year to travel around the world. Criss will be taking over Sammy's wait job though hopefully he will continue to dance Thurs and Fridays -- I am not sure.


New dancer Jonathan, 18, 5'8'"ish with lean, tight, lightly tatooed body has relit Firecat's candle. Good to see something finally breathe a little life into the ole boy. :+ ( You know how a kid looks that has eaten way too much candy... put a few decades on that face -- well more than a few hehe -- and that was Firecat's countenance before Jonathan appeared. :7)


Also, Danny is back!! I include him under the new dancers since his earlier appearance of last April/May lasted less than a month. Very cute slender body with dark hair and gorgeous eyes of Columbian and Spanish decent. In addition to Spanish he speaks impeccable English without a trace of accent and has picked up French since coming to Montreal. He claims to be a pretty good bullshitter too and from my experience with him, I concur. He is an unsually good conversationalist, knowledgable, quick, witty, very engaged would make for good all-around company.


There was another cute young guy with a nice butt that I think might attract Marc Anthony's attention when he returns next month -- unfortunately Marc I dont recall his name but i will know that ass when I see it. :p I will point him out to you... lol. There were few other newbies whose names escape my short term memory. Maybe Firecat will post them.


Monday and Tuesday saw between eight and twelve dancers, so would be considered slow nights. However a number of my favorites were there so I was kept sufficiently entertained with a mix of new and favs.


Allan, of Corsican/Cuban heritage, continues to hold my attention -- simply gorgeous complexion on a nicely proportioned body with a great chest and butt and stunning dark dark eyes. An a genuinely nice guy. Gives a nice exotic stage dance and is very nice in the back room too.


Also, Pierre-Luc, Mr. Taboo 2004 puts on a great show and is one of the nicest guys you will meet, Joey with his energetic pole acrobatics and back room dances always gives good value, and last but certainly not least Gabriel who splits his time between Taboo and Montreal Boys Live -- another nice guy that gives a good backroom dance. I am reliably told that he gives very good shows on MBL too.}(


I certainly had enough to keep me busy with that an an outside interest or two. :p


P.S. I ran into former Taboo dancer Anthony at Campus Tuesday afternoon. He is starting school part time and he loves working at Campus. He took me in the back and strutted his stuff for four songs before I had to leave for a date. He was fun in back.

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RE: Tying up Pre-Labor Day Weekend Loose Ends


I concur about Jonathan. My first visit to Taboo was last Thursday and I had the pleasure of his company when we arrived and the hope of more on future visits. This, of course, didn't happen because he was kept 'extremely' occupied and I had to settle for a smile and a quick stop by here and there.(I guess I now know with whom he was occupied ;-) )


Hope he is still there and his demand diminishes on my next trip north (at least while I am in town.)


He's a very sweet guy.

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