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NY and Montreal

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I am now on a roadtrip to NY and then Montreal. I spent one night in NY to visit the famous Gayety and was a little dissapointed.


I have not been there in a few years and remember it for dancers with great bodies. I have been going there off and on for many years and recall when you could have a private behind the stage.


The dancers this time were just not up to the standard that I remember. I would not kick any of them out of bed, but I would certainly not pay $200 for a quick session with them.


Also when it did it become fashionable for them to shave their pubic hair. Somehow it makes them seem less masculine.


I stayed in Secaucus New Jersey. Dont laugh. I was surprised how nice it is. It has a number of less expensive motels that are only a short bus ride through the Lincoln Tunnel to the Port Authority Bus Terminary. A big plus is that parking is free.


I will tell you about my impressions of Montreal in a second post.

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On my way from NY to Montreal, I got stopped for 45 minutes at Canadian customs and immigration and had to go in for special questioning. I guess there is something suspicious about a single guy driving into Canada. I then got lost on the highway into the city but eventually found my way to the Auberge Cosy B&B.


The Village seems to be the biggest collection of gay establishments in one place that I have ever seen and I have been in most large cities around the world. The only place that comes close is Boystown in Pataya, Thailand.


The four or more strip clubs are better than most. Like the Gayety in NY, the boys or men come out twice, the second time with an erection. Unlike the Gayety, you do not have to watch an empty stage for what seems forever waiting for the boy to come out for his second performance. Instead the boys alternate and there is no empty stage time.


If you do not go for a lap dance, the Montreal clubs are very cheap. Unlike the $18 admission at the Gayety, you can watch the whole show for a $5 beer.


Though the quality of the boys varies, there are so many of them that some are bound to be outstanding according to any taste. On balance, I found them to be much better than at the Gayety.


In another posting, I will talk about the three masseurs that I visited.

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Guest zipperzone

>On my way from NY to Montreal, I got stopped for 45 minutes

>at Canadian customs and immigration and had to go in for

>special questioning. I guess there is something suspicious

>about a single guy driving into Canada.


Not really - we often do that to really hunky guys entering our country. The immigration officer usually cups your balls in his right hand and tells you to cough. If no anthrax spores shoot our of you dick, you're allowed to come in.


Time consuming, but really neccessary in these worrysome times!

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Massage with or without a happy ending is my favorite form of sex. I have visited masseurs in various countries (Thailand, Brazil, Russia, etc.) and consider myself somewhat of an expert.


Montreal looks like one of the best places for a massage. There are plenty to choose from and they are cheap (US$30-60). The ones I visited were in located in the Village.


Many masseurs and escorts are listed in the back of Fugue magazine which is available everywhere in the gay Village. Thus far I have visited three masseurs and one escort.


The escort was Ronielle, a muscular part Asian, who only charged CAN$100 or about US$75 for an hour. He was very good. He has a big advert with a color photograph in Fugue. I could fuck him or he would fuck me, but he would not cum.


The first masseur was Steve (Zen massage) at 999 8959. He is young, big tatoo on his arm, thin but muscular, and a nice guy. He offered a non-sexual massage for CAN$50 or an erotic massage for CAN$80. I took the erotic massage and it was very good. He did it in the

nude, had a constant and large hardon, really got me excited, and seemed excited himself. He liked to kiss and I sucked him. I am not young or in good shape and thus for someone to get excited is a rarety for me.


The second was Bryan (Island Massage at 526 9776). I noticed his ad in Fugue because he was so cheap (CAN$35 or about US$25). He was young and thin but not very muscular. He also offers a body to body

massage for CAN$50. I took the regular but it turned into a good erotic massage. I gave him $50 because $35 seemed so cheap.


The third was Sheldon (830 3185) who also has an ad in Fugue. He is a large heavy black man. He charged CAN$60 for a regular massage. He did not offer and I did not ask if he gave an erotic massage. His massage style was different from most others that I have had and was certainly very good.

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