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Ben Versace at Gaiety June 25-July 1st

Guest JohnPela
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Guest JohnPela

Ben Versace is appearing at the Gaiety beginning this Friday night, June 25th through at least July 1st. He is Mr. Charisma and is "Mr. Gaiety 2003".


Ben's shows are always entertaining as well as very erotic and sexy and he puts more than 110% into his efforts to provide a show for the audience. Creative entrance, costume, dancing, emotion to the music. Add his handsome face, beautiful eyes, seductive and wonderful smile, large & thick erect dick, stage presence and beautiful well-built-tight-muscled body and you end up with someone who alone is worth the price of admission to the Gaiety to see.

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Guest JohnPela


>I am going to miss him by 12 days! :( :(



Hopefully someone (like Cooper) will at least post a detailed review of Ben's performance this weekend or Monday.




Haven't heard from you- are you going to be in NYC this weekend?

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Guest JohnPela


Unfortunately, I cannot make it to NYC this weekend. If you see the show please post a review of Ben's performance. Rumor has that he will be putting on spectacular performance- different from usual Gaiety shows.

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Hi JP!


Sorry to report that I was not able to make it

to The Gaiety tonight. :-( I hope someone will

post the review on Ben's performance. I'm

sorry I missed him. Unfortunately, due to a

previous committment...I won't be able to go

tomorrow, either. :-( Hopefully, the next time

you make it to NY, we can enjoy his performance




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Sorry, I did not get to the early show. The weather was not on my side last evening. The Lincoln was crazy coming back from Jersey.


Anyone know what happened?


I heard there was a regular Ben show. He tried something different?


Anyone see this at the early show?

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Guest JohnPela

RE: Ben Versace at Gaiety only Thru Sunday June 27th


>Ben Versace is appearing at the Gaiety beginning this Friday

>night, June 25th through at least July 1st.


Ben's last performance at the Gaiety this week was Sunday night instead of July 1st. As noted by Cooper for the Gaiety 6-28-04 lineup posting thread- Ben Versace will not be dancing this week. There was a last minute change in plans.

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Guest JohnPela

RE: Ben Versace at Gaiety only Thru Sunday June 27th


Subject: "Gaiety Review of Sat. June 26" Previous topic | Next topic


pierrot Mon Jun-28-04 01:43 AM

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#5302, "Gaiety Review of Sat. June 26"



There was a full house at the Gaiety Theater on Saturday, June 26, for the Gay Pride weekend in New York. There were 13 dancers, I think, unless I'm forgetting someone. The following are my opinions of the evening's performers.


SILVIO led off with a rather lame routine in which he mimed playing a guitar while dress all in white. His long dark hair frequently covered his face, which was a shame since he is extremely handsome. In the second half of his routine, however, we got to see what a hot guy he is. His upper torso is thickly muscled, but extremely well defined. Large, suckable nipples cover his bulging pecs, and his big chest slopes down perfectly into six-pack abs. He has a long, straight aquiline nose and eyes that sparkle when he smiles. His dark handsomeness reminded me of the sexy types seen in Renaissance art. He was, IMO, the handsomest dancer of the evening. He also revealed a substantial endowment, not huge, but straight as an arrow and above average in length and girth. The confident smiles he flashed at the audience radiated sexiness and got him a good reception.


NEO came out in baggy shorts and tennis shoes that accentuated the shortness of his legs in proportion to his big, meaty chest and shoulders. He has plenty of muscle, and that is his major attraction. His round face, vaguely blondish hair, and smallish upturned nose could not be called classically handsome. Nothing more than average in the cock department either. And one had the feeling he was not terribly interested in being there. He showed little rapport with the audience, and made only the most minimal attempt at dancing.


OTTO was one of several dancers whose name the announcer garbled (it sounded like Arno). He's a hot little stud muffin, short but with a heavily muscled upper body, nice defined abs, and a real knack for showmanship. He put plenty of energy into his dance and incorporated lots of suggestive floor movements, accompanied by leering smiles at the audience. While he's not exceptionally good-looking, his facial features are regular and pleasing. He's perfectly respectable in the cock department, but not exceptional. The one unfortunate choice he made was to wear a blue handkerchief on his head that made one think of pirates, cancer victims, and Aunt Jemima, none of which has a seductive connotation, at least to me. Cute guy, loose the headrag, would be my advice.


DANNY was one of only two twinkish types. He is tall, thin, apparently quite young, and handsome. His short dark hair, shortish straight nose and twinkling eyes give him a real charm. His body is that of a late adolescent, with just the beginnings of some muscle definition in the chest, and a very thin waist and hips. His butt is probably flatter than would be ideal for an ideal twinky bottom, but the overall proportions of his body were nicely balanced. Although he seemed a bit awkward in his movements, his ingenuous smile won him plenty of applause, and, no doubt, a real following in the non-muscle-loving groups. A pretty cock of about average size.


SHANE ROLLINS was the opposite of Danny's seeming inexperience. Here's a guy who, although he doesn't have the body of death, knows that he has a real sexiness about him. He is not a standard beauty, but there's something in his oval face with a high forehead that is very sexy. Maybe it's just the looks he gives the audience accompanied by a little knowing grin. He's a natural blond with a lightly furry chest that, while not big and meaty, still has some size and definition, as do his arms and shoulders. The real meat, though, is down below. For the second half of his routine, the lights come up on him in profile with a big hard-on. Quite impressive, especially for his basically small frame, his cock is a bit longer than average, and a good deal thicker. He smacks it around a bit, and shows it off with abandon to a salivating public. Shane has some real dance moves too, and knows how to seduce his audience.


ROCHA is by far the tallest of the dancers on this evening. He must be well in excess of six feet, and is a handsome Brazilian of mixed race with a uniformly cafe au lait colored complexion. His body is beautifully proportioned and nicely muscled. Bizarrely though, he has covered this magnificent body with tattoos that obscure and distract from a proper appreciation of his muscles. The "art" pictured on his front appears to be tattoos of muscle tissue, but most macabre is the skeleton tattooed on his back. You literally can't see him for the bones drawn all over his legs, back, shoulders and just about everywhere. In part one of his routine, his cock seemed about to break out of a pair of tight light blue undies. But he's a shower (as opposed to grower) and the hard cock we see at his next entrance was pretty much the same size as the semi-erect one under the panties. It's a substantial endowment though on this big man, probably close to 8 inches and in the running with a couple of others for the biggest of the evening. A sexy mountain of a man. The tattoos are just too grotesque for me.


JD is a short, muscular, probably Hispanic or Italian guy with dark longish hair, a large nose with a bit of a hump, and somewhat expressionless face. His virtues are finely a developed upper torso and strongly defined abs. His endowment is pretty much the standard, but he has excellent buns. He moves well enough to the music without really bowling over the audience who seemed to be waiting for someone more exciting.


TONY MICELLI, aka Vito, was considerably more exciting. This very handsome Latino (I think) has classic looks with a beautiful straight nose with slightly flared nostrils, large, dark eyes that shine with sweetness and sex, and slightly pouty lips that beg to be kissed and part to show gleaming white teeth and a radiant smile. His body is magnificently proportioned and muscled, not in the thick, husky way of some of his comrades. Rather he is longer limbed, though his shoulders, chest and abs are gorgeously muscled and defined. His olive skin is stretched over all this beautiful frame, and his beauty has an elegance that most of the others lack. When I say he's long-limbed, that includes a long, juicy cock, very straight when hard, and I think uncut. In length, he rivals the other two really big cocks of the evening, Rocha and Yannick. Best of all, Tony has a smile that literally melts the audience. There's something so inviting and gentle about him, yet deeply sensual. You just want to reach up and grab him. Overall, he's my vote for the all round hottest guy of the evening.


BEN VERSACE is perhaps the best known of the evening's dancers. He's much smaller framed than most of them, with a very nice, but only lightly muscled build. He's a handsome dude though (dude is the word that comes to mind since he comes out in a cowboy get up). Dark, slightly curly hair and pale green eyes that dart out, along with his bright, glinting smile to seduce the audience. Ben is a talker too. He told us we had to make more noise in order to get him to strip. We obliged. He gets the evening's award for fewest inhibitions. He shook his fanny flesh at us shamelessly. In the dick department he's no more than average in length and on the narrow side, much like his body frame which is slim and small. But he knows how to charm the audience, and that he does.


YANNICK seemed an enigma at first. This long-haired Canadian (I assume) comes out to dance, shows a strong nicely muscled upper body, particularly his pecs that look like an armor plate, and makes a few moves without really doing much. He is not particularly good-looking either, with a long face, aquiline nose with a slight bump, and an overly long chin, dimpled like Dudley Doright. Before he returned for his second part, I said to my friend that he must be well hung since nothing else about him seemed very special. Boy was I right. When he came marching out with that big dick, the audience gasped and applauded. It's long and thick, and, I would guess the biggest of the evening overall. Probably about 8 inches long, with particular girth on the underside. Yannick's gaze took on a slightly sardonic glow now as he knew we were a little stunned, and he strutted down to the front of the stage to give us a good look. Not much of a dancer, very good body, but it's that cock that we'll remember.


MICHAEL was the one dancer I had seen before. He is a stunningly handsome guy with a fantastic body. The width of his shoulders and chest dramatically narrows in a V down to his waist and a fabulous butt. He is meatier than the last time I saw him, in the fall, and the added meat on his muscles has meant some loss of definition in the abs and chest. He's a natural blond, with striking almond-shaped eyes and a perfect straight nose and mouth, he's really more beautiful than handsome. One big improvement over last time I saw him is his willingness to smile and communicate with the audience. He used to just have the bored "I know I'm gorgeous" look, but now he really looks friendly and enticing. The perfectly rounded globes of his butt have two symmetrical large dimples just above. Just in the right place for your hands if you could fuck him. His butt has a very fine blond fuzz, except for the crack which he doesn't shave and where darker hair takes over. He bends over to show the audience this lovely pathway to paradise. Conversely, his dick is pretty but rather small, not very thick and maybe just barely average in length. Who cares, it's that ass we want. Definitely gets the best ass award of the evening.


CHRIS came out looking like a deer caught in the headlights. He has a well muscled upper body, but without the heft or definition of some of the others. He's cute, but not handsome, and not much of a dancer. Medium sized cock. He's the kind of guy who would turn you on if you saw him in your gym locker room, but in this company he didn't have anything special to wake you up.


STEVE, the evening's final dancer, is a blond, semi-twink. He also seemed ill at ease, and did not stay long or make much attempt to dance. I actually felt a little embarrassed for him. He's kind of cute, with a nice nose and mouth, and eyes that narrow down to slits when he smiles, but a very pleasing look. He's on the thin side, slight of build, with a light coating of blondish fur on his chest. He looks like a normal guy, and again, if you saw him in the locker room, you'd take a good look. He's cute. But not the kind of hot stud you usually see at the Gaiety. He lost his hard-on so fast it's hard to say much other than he's uncut and probably pretty standard of size.


Voila. My thoughts on the Gaiety Show. One general criticism: Would someone please tell the dancers when they come out with their hard-ons in Part 2, to come straight to the front of the stage? They all want to fool around up stage first, by which time most of them deflate and by the time they get to the end of the runway, they're flaccid again.

It was a good show. I'm sure we'll be seeing many of these guys again.







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