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Boardwalk - A Lighter Diet, June 9

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For those who like muscled beef, the Gaiety is the stripper bar par excellence in the U.S. But if you like a lighter diet, especially range free chicken, the Boardwalk continues to offer a superb selection of sweet obliging guys.


Last night, Thursday Towel Night, was a dieter's delight. Alex and Angel are a pair of Hispanic twinks non-pareil. Both are young, sweet, soooo smooooth, and very affectionate. Both like to be hugged and petted, and neither objects to fondling, the more tips the more fondling. Both are beautifully brown, with twinkling dark black eyes, beautiful smooth legs and thighs which are so strokable, and cute little asses. (Remember tips are $1, lap dances c. $20).


Beautiful young Jordan, whose brother Jacob also dances, was present. He has starred in a number of commercial videos, although I won't reveal the product right now. He enjoys extreme sports, and has the sweetest, smoothest body and legs you will find. His smile is dazzling, and his brown hair is kind of short, but not too short. He is a little doll. Jeremy is fairly new, a delectable blond with a derriere that makes you want to weep. He is 18, but when he first speaks, you stop - it is a deep, deep bass. He has a wonderful smile, enjoys talking, and enjoys lap dances. He is in college, very goal oriented, and earning money to make sure he gets through.


Will was only in his second night, but what a body! He works out some and he has some development to his torso, legs, and ass. He is not pure twink, but he is so beautiful, so charming, so sweet, so smooth, that you want to hug him and take him home. He has traveled a good deal, and is very interesting to talk to as well as to fool around with. He seemed to enjoy having his body stroked and petted.


Junior, who was Will's twin, except dark hair, was so much fun last night, I kept coming back to him. I had met him once before, and he enjoys men he sort-of knows. He is there to make money to support himself, and he moves around the room, makes himself available, but never leaves you before you are done. Like Will, he is not a skinny twink, but one step fuller with some muscle and a nice voluptuous body. During the towel highlight last night, Junior stood on the bar in front of me and somehow his towel slipped. He already had several bills tucked in his cleavage, but there was room for more. He was laughing and having fun, and when he came down off the bar, we played around some more. The third member of this trio is Jacob, who dances terrifically, has a beautiful body front and rear, and is there to entertain. His pictures are on the web.


Andrew, dancer from Uruguay, but Polish-Irish mixture, is so cute, and his English is so good, you can fool around and joke with him and he catches everything. He is sweet, affectionate, nice and "plump" (not fat, but wonderful body you want to squeeze and feel). His pictures are on the web as one of the featured dancers at the Boardwalk. He is a little gentleman.


Handsome Pablo was also available, charming, beautiful, smooth, obliging, quiet, young. As he dances more often, he relaxes more, and now he is very relaxed, very accommodating, and a lot of fun. He seems mature, but he is actually very young. He will stay cuddled in your arms as long as you like, talk or keep quiet, as you like.


Olin and Fabrizio were there as well. Olin has always had a completely smooth body (except pubes)(from shaving) and beautifully developed, but not muscular. He was very accommodating and friendly last night. Fabrizio, from Brazil, is one of my favorites. He is tall, perfectly bilingual, college educated, and a very nice person. I always spend some time at least talking with him. He is a bit furry, however, in general. But last night he had shaved his ass and elsewhere, and for my money, he was very attractive and obliging. He laughed when I commented on his smooth ass, saying no one else had noticed! How could you not notice??!!


On Towel Night, about 10:30, all the dancers leave for the back room where they take off their briefs and posing straps and don a snow white terry towel. Then they all come back in together and all climb on the bar where they dance, walk around, and special fun takes place. They all seem to like it, and we customers certainly do. Many of the dancers keep the towels on for half an hour or so after they come down off the bar and walk around. The others go back and put on their briefs or straps again.


As usual, it was a nice crowd, but not overly packed. I got a chance to talk with all my desired twinks, and had second and third visits from my very favorites. Remember, there is no cover charge before 9:00, and only $5 thereafter; tips are $1 apiece tucked in the boy's briefs, and if you gradually put in a second, third, and maybe fourth, every boy is very obliging and happy. If you prefer younger, thinner, smoother, sweeter, boys; if you like to hold a sweet young guy in your arms and pet him extensively; if you want to enjoy yourself with twinks where it does not cost a great deal; this is the place to go.

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Marc. Neither Jonathan nor Sammy was there was night. JB, the regular shot boy, was there. He is a college student in Orlando, but he comes back for weekends. I asked two dancers again last night, and they did not know a Jonathan. Sorry.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Dammit Karl... enough is enough!!! You won't be satisifed until you coax me down there will you!! :p Well, be careful what you work for... the first thing I will do is give you my airfare receipt for reimbursement . I also expect tip money and a backroom dance or two. No need to cover my cover... I'll be there before 9. How thoughtful am I? :7


No time in July though. Priceline has twisted my arm for Montreal. }(

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