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If It's Wednesday, it's Stripper Night at LaFleur's!!!

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It's Wednesday, March 31st, and tonight is the stripper contest at La Fleur's in Manhattan (New York), beginning at 12:30am...so stop by and spend some of your money before the evil landlords get their greedy hands on it! Even if you don't spend a lot of money, come by and applaud for your favorite dancer. It's always a lot of fun...lots of great music...lot's of dick...don't be a stranger!

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Regina is at La Fleur's in Manhattan on 41st street between 8th & 9th Street...closer to 9th!


SO I WENT TO LaFLEUR'S LAST NIGHT...I walked into the bar around 11:50pm and saw very few people in the bar. I got a drink and figured everyone was in the back room where the strip contest would be. I went into the back room and saw abour six people: one guy reading a book, four men who looked like they had cashed in their food stamps to get in and one lonely but kinda hot man. I thought "Oh my God, what happened!" I stayed because I was chatting with the bartenders--both hot gorgeous Latinos, (LaBamba and the scary drag queen bartender had the night off)and I thought "They're going to need as many people as possible for tonight." I decided I would take one for the team.


Between 12:20am and 12:30am the back room filled to capacity and Tommy G's show began. A few new dancers and some returnees; Dr. Love was as big as ever, Matrix was in the contest but did more lap dances to hustle money than dance (he's also beginning to look a little smooth...he needs to take it easy on the chips ahoys!) and a big muscley guy named Leon with pecs you could chew for hours. The winner was Shadow, a gorgeous black man with a nice tree trunk hanging between his thighs and a body you just wanna lick for hours.


One of the dancers got his coat ripped off by a new dancer from Florida; I wish I remembered his name so I could tell you. It's too bad too because this dancer had helped him with his outfit, helped him with introductions to people who worked at the bar, helped him with his performance. It's a small world and people talk. What a loser!


Anyway...Tommy G. who does the Wednesday evening strip competition will be tending bar in the back room on weekends so look for even better and better weekend shows.


So...DON'T BE A STRANGER TO LA FLEUR'S. They'll take care of you from your arrival to your departure.


Oh, and there was a really hot guy who looked to be in his early 40s, kinda graying hair who looked really hot. I wanted to ask if he was one of the learned men who contribute to this website. I was too timid to say hi but boy did I think about him later when I was home...alone...in bed!



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