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First time visitor to montreal seeking tourguide

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Hello boys and men. I am planning a first ever trip to Canada and

Montreal. I am looking at May 20-24. At this point, unless i hear

some other options, looking to stay at either alexandre logan or

aubergell guest houses. I want to see the gay city, visit the strip

bars in particular, (taboo especially) and see the sites. I would

welcome anyone willing to show me around, help me familiarize myself

with montreal and all it has to offer. As far as myself, I am a 38 yr

old GWM, from Phoenix, AZ. I welcome company of any age for

friendship/tourguide, but as far as romantic or sexual nature, I do

prefer young, twink types. I would be more than happy to buy a guide

drinks, or dinner in exchange for his time and efforts to share the

city with me. Please contact me if you are interested or have any

helpful advice/info concerning my visit. If this mailbox fills up,

please resend to ibizachickensandwich@yahoo.com ... Thanks for any and all help. hope to see you boys soon.

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I can't offer personal help with Montreal.


But I would like to say two things: first, welcome to the MC! And, second, "LurkerSpeaks" and "ibezachickensandwich@yahoo.com" are two of the best names I've seen in a while! ;)


Anyone who comes up with names like these must be fun!




ps: I really, really hate to admit this. But when I read "LurkerSpeaks" for the first time, the image that popped into my head was Lurch from the Addams Family. God, I'm getting old!

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Lurker -


I second Boston Guy's remark about your creative names.

I'm not in Montreal so I can't respond affirmatively to your search, but I have been there a number of times, and I'm sure you will have a good time there.


You didn't say how long you had been lurking or what you might already have seen here. This won't help with the general tourist aspects of Montreal, but should be a help with the strip clubs: there are individual threads (5) on all the Montreal strip clubs, plus a general thread on Montreal Strip clubs (for a total of 6) in the Strip Club FAQ at the top of this forum.


You may not have seen these because most of them are old enough (June of last year) that they do not show up any more for most posters, since most people have the time depth set at 1, 3 or maybe 6 months. If you set your topics listing to one year you will be able to see them all. They all have subject lines starting with "Montreal:". 5 of them are together with June dates. One is higher (later) in the list with a November date.


I hope you have a good trip. Enjoy. Wish I could be there with you.

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Montreal is so easy that you should not need a guide. Just walk down Ste. Catherine street, and you will be able to figure it all out in a day or so. One of the great things about Montreal is there are very few clubs or bars that have a cover charge. So you can breeze in and out of places all up and down the street. By late May the weather should be nice and all of the places open the doors and windows into the street, and it is very comfortable.


You should also explore the downtown end of Ste Catherine Street for shopping, and Rue St. Denis and Rue St. Laurent too.


Check out http://www.fugues.com for info on Montreal. The website has an English section, but the printed magazine, that is available everwhere in The Village is 100% in French. Language is not a problem, as most Montrealers are bi-lingual, especially in hotels and restraunts and stores. And the accents are very sexy.


Some of the dancing boys may not be fluent in English, but generally you are not engaging them for their conversational skills anyway. And if you are new in the strip clubs, make sure you learn how to count the dances. And there is really no need to go into the $20 per song curtained cubicles in the back of Stock, the $10 dances are generally a better value.

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For general tourist info I highly recommend http://www.tourism-montreal.org Using their site you can get all sorts of info, and I asked them to send me tourist info on the city and gay things to do and they sent me a big envelope full of stuff inclduing the official tourist guide, the gay map, a regular city map, and several brochures. Excellent info and all for free.


I will be up there on my first visit right after you, so make sure to get things warmed up for me. :-)

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