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My New Year's Eve in NYC

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I thought I would begin the new year with a new experience and went to a new bar, Le Fleurs in Manhattan. It was tough to get to because it's located on a street which runs through Port Authority bus terminal, which was highly guarded by the police. After being patted down (which was nice, really...thank you Officer Gibbons) I went in. An incredibly handsome latino was working the front door and I thought, if that's the help, the talent must be amazing!


It's a small space, brightly lit--in fact, almost too bright--but still warm, almost like walking in someone's basement rec room. Anyway...very festive for the holiday, upon arrival you were offered either a horn or a hat or both, champagne flutes were passed out as were individual bottles of champagne, which was very nice. I was holding my little bottle when a very very handsome waiter took it from my hand, opened it, and proceeded to fill my glass. Nice.


As far as dancers go, well, there were only two working the bar, both latin and both very hot. But, only two, not the twelve mentioned earlier. After midnight there was a show in a another back room. Nice performance space but everyone was standing in the door way and if you're short like me you really missed out. Three men with leopard masks came out and gyrated madly. The crowd, which was rather small for New Year's Eve, was appreciatve. Over half the crowd were drag queens and female impersonators. one rather hefty girl was outside screaming about how she put three, four, five (the number increased the more she spoke) of her friends under the ground and she was glad to be alive for another year. Anyway, it's a nice bar but didn't hold my attention and I left about 12:30pm and, like salmon spawning upstream, went to Stella's.


Stella's cover was $10.00 and although busy, wasn't packed to the gills. Also, sometimes Stella's has too many dancers but last night they had just enough. They were hot and festive and in a good mood and almost all stripped to the bone...and I mean BONE! IT WAS GREAT!!!


Special kudos to Dr. Love, Ryder, Mark, Peter and Oscar. Those guys really know how to entertain the troops.


And Happy New Year to the male4male readership. May 2004 be the best yet! :9

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