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Montreal Review 12/26 to 12/30

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I’ve never done much of a lengthy review of Montreal strip clubs but decided I would add my two cents after our recent trip to Montreal after the Christmas week.


After spending five nights in Montreal, we’ve come to the following conclusion. The place to go to have some seedy fun and backstage privates is Campus during the day!!! It can’t be topped. And although we were made aware that privates can be head elsewhere than backstage we didn’t experiment in that arena this time.


Our experiences were pretty much limited to Campus during the day/evening and Stock at night. We went to Taboo on a couple of evenings but we were all a little twinked out. I could have stayed a little longer but my husband and friend just weren’t into it. Other than Jordan (very hot) they weren’t interested in much of anyone. And although my tastes are younger, Taboo seemed a little young for me and a few of those dancers need to eat a little more!!


We also made one passing visit to Adonis which was horrendous. They had three dancers on stage and about as many customers. One was a former Campus daytime dancer who danced as Eric and now dances as Emilio. He is a hottie. Unfortunately one of the two other dancers was so drunk he had to be pulled off stage and things went downhill from there. Hope we just caught it on a bad night.


So we spent afternoons/evenings at Campus. My personal favorite was Jesse who gets points for his slow dance barefooted numbers. He is also quite a generous backstage dancer besides being amusing and able to show up just when you’re ordering another round of drinks. My husband fell in lust with Nathaniel and he too is quite generous with his privates. He’s also quite an entertaining table companion. My friend especially enjoyed dances with both Jesse and Roberto and the husband and friend also spoke highly of Benoit (with pony tail).


If either of them reads this, we want to thank Mark’s friend Jim from Boston for his generous purchase of dances for us and Mark for a round of drinks!!


We never ended up hanging out at night at Campus because our past experiences have been disappointing. The boys are big, beefy, and just not our types and seem to want to hustle you. Evenings were spent at Stock where, in general, many of the on stage performances are a level above Campus. Kudos to Sam and his backflips, Kirk and his creative dances, Lou (I think) for really working the crowd, Nick for his special skill, Jimmy for his energy and engaging personality, and Jason for a very sensual dance and performance. In hindsight, I enjoyed myself more just sitting on stage, watching the show, and tipping the dancers with Canadian $5 and American $1.


However, the backstage dances were in general more expensive and a bit disappointing. Although warned about the new $20 dances, I still fell into the trap a couple of times. We tend to be the thriftier type that usually do two dances and our experiences were that the dancers who encouraged the $20 dances (I accepted on two occasions just to see “how different”) slowly undressed by the first song and before you could really do anything that might take advantage of a closed curtain, your second song was over.


Jason, as sexy as he was on stage, was quite a disappointment in the backstage arena. It was like having a $6 table dance for 3 times the price. Mark, formerly of Taboo, was a little better but still wasn’t even naked by the end of his second song. I believe Mark may have suggested to Raphael (who I thought was hot) that I was a $20 prospect. By this time I was tired of the $20 so I agreed to a $10 and Raphael brought me to the most visible booth there was and it seemed pouted through a song, sat in my lap, and looked unhappy. He warmed a little but not much and I ended my privates for the evening. My friend had a disappointing $10 dance experience with newbie Rich but was very pleased by his privates with Manuel who said upfront he didn’t play the $10/$20 game and would dance the same for either. Only the curtain would close. Manuel gave a pretty good private I’m told. Big Ben was rumored to be a great $20 dance but none of us ever did a private because his line was too long!!


I had settled on Mark and Raphael only because Jimmy – who has such a great friendly personality and energy besides being very hot!! – was forced to waiter instead of dance because they were short-handed. Next time I hope.


Next time I think I’ll sit up front at Stock and tip the dancers that I like and save my privates for Campus afternoons. But Stock is a great show in the evenings!


Just thought I’d share my experiences since it’s been very helpful to read others. Wish we’d stayed there for New Year’s Eve - but next time!!

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Hi Beetleman:


Thanks for the update. I just have some random comments on your report...


1) I agree that Jimmy from Stock is great! He is hot, friendly, and actually quite interesting. Ask him about wines... he is quite the connoiseur. And I would let him wait on my table anyday!


2) I am surprised (based on the tastes that you describe) that your group found no one that you liked at Taboo. You mentioned Jordan (who is a hottie), but I am surprised you weren't attracted to Criss or Roberto or Thomas, for example. Oh well... that is what makes Montreal such a great town. There is something for everyone's taste.


3) Campus days has always been fun. Last I was there, I really enjoyed Phil and Frank. Spoke with Damien from Taboo today to wish him a Happy New Year, and he told me that Pierre has left Campus days (as of last night) and returned to Taboo (for all the Pierre fans).


Glad you had a great time anyway, and it just made me more excited about my next trip as well!

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I thought the dancers at Stock and Adonis this weekend were very disappointing. The Angel Dave and Cameron were both in New York. One of my favorites from Stock, Daniel, was dancing, but had gained a lot of weight.


I did see some great guys at Campus, and some familiar faces from the New York stage. Xavier, Mason/Zach and Jeremy were all dancing on Monday night, and all looked great. There is another big, muscular guy, Mac, who looked good, and my favorite for a lap dance was Mike.

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Guest TwinkLoverr

Hi Beetleman... I second the thanks for the Montreal update. As you said, it is always great to get updates from those that are lucky enough to be in Montreal.


I like Jesse at Campus too. Cute, great personality, and yeah I agree - he is not one to pass up a free lunch or free drink. LOL.


I'm a fan of Campus afternoons, and Stock evenings as well. I'm surprised that you said you "had settled on Mark and Raphael...". I think Raphael is a very sexy guy. I spent considerable, um shall we say, "quality" time with Raphael. He's a nice guy and I honestly think he is somewhat shy. He also does not have a terribly great command of the English language yet. Perhaps these factors combined to make you think that he was pouting or whatever. In some of his photos on the website, it almost looks like a pout, but maybe it's more of a grin. Anyway, not that I'm championing Raphael or anything - just my two cents.... hehe. Thanks again for your update.


For those inquiring minds, a Raphael link follows: (if it actually posts correctly)


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Other than Jordan (very hot) they weren’t

>interested in much of anyone. And although my tastes are

>younger, Taboo seemed a little young for me and a few of those

>dancers need to eat a little more!!



By the way, Beetleman, found a link to a recent pic of Criss. He was dancing at Stock while Taboo was closed, and is now back at Taboo. Can't believe your husband and friend didn't find him attractive based on their other tastes!



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Thanks. Those are great and I don't think he was there either Friday or Saturday night when we were there. Would have remembered him!! I definitely would have liked him - especially if like most Taboo dancers he came out completely nude - barefoot and all.


I think they would have liked him as well. Reminds me a little of Phil from Campus days.


They were just too easily turned off by the really skinny boys. Next time maybe.

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Guest mathew450

I was also at campus on monday nite, i must agreed with you about Mason and Jeremy, they are both in great shape, I think mason will me back in nyc this coming weekend, jeremy has no plans on returning to nyc, xavier has looked better in the past, he nevers takes off his tank top, and mac i think has been fired from the campus as he had to be carried outside from some of the dancers..

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>Thanks. Those are great and I don't think he was there

>either Friday or Saturday night when we were there. Would

>have remembered him!! I definitely would have liked him -



Well... I am pretty sure you are right. Unfortunately, I think Criss only dances on weeknights. Keeps the weekends off. Oh well, next time.




>They were just too easily turned off by the really skinny

>boys. Next time maybe.


Though he doesn't put his pics on the internet, Robby (Roberto) is pretty damn hot too. Just the right amount of muscles. And the fantastic combination of French and Mexican makes for quite a handsome face. Though personally I find Damien very cute, I understand you guys may have found him too twinky. But Taboo usually has a good mix of different young types. Sorry they were not all there on the nights you visited.


Not that it sounded like you had a bad time in Montreal.... hehe



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