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Gaiety this weekend

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sat 6:15 show w/e additions


ronnie le cour(sp)


kenny (danced as corey fri 6:15 show)




last two replaced nico and adam from the fri 6:15 show. it was a relief to have adam replaced...just didn't fit in at the gaiety; good body, but old looking face on what i assume is not that old a guy, and some hairdo from the 70's or 80's.


for my tastes, either dominic or tj would have been separately worth the price of admission. both beautifully built, muscled guys without going overboard. tj with the suave, sophisticated look; dominic slightly more chisled, with that bad boy look to him...so he had to be my favorite.


micky, the first dancer had a really hot look; that sexy french/canadian look with the beautiful butt to complete the package. i hadn't realized before i actually saw him fri that i had seen him dance before at stock in montreal - he just hadn't been that memorable up there where he just blended in with so many beautiful guys that dance at stock.


shane rollins is not normally my type; but, he just has a hot sexy persona about him, heightened by the sexy way he dances and moves on stage.


ben versage was there }(


well, what can i say about ben...maybe just too exuberant for me. i'm just tired of seeing that routine over and over and....over. but i probably should have challanged him when he straddled my chair fri night with his hard cock an eigth of an inch from my face and just stuck my tongue out. it is a beautiful cock.


of the w/e additions corey/kenny was the standout in my mind. looked great when he came out in his white admirals' outfit (or whatever it was), and not a bad body at all when he had it off. the routine was quite different, with 3 changes in pace of the song he was dancing to. the first two times the music stopped midsong, the patrons couldn't believe the show was over so quickly. fortunately the music started to a different beat each time and the show went on.

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just posted last message and realized i would be remiss if i didn't include ken (kirk at stock bar in montreal) in my list of this weeks' regular dancers that i enjoyed. he is also great fun to watch dance, he with some high leg kicks and flips, as opposed to shanes' more sensous, sexy style dancing.

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