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Montreal, What a GREAT Place

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Just wanted to share with you the great time that we had in Montreal. We had momentarily conbsidered not going, but decided that we could not let some maniac screw up our lives. I can state that it was more difficult getting through Phoenix Sky Harbor than it was getting into Canada. While airport security definitely needs to be further upgraded, we felt very comfortable on our flights. I have to agree with HooBoy regarding Continental Airlines. My experience with them was good enough that I am going to write to the President of the airline and commend him. Flew back on Northwest and that was an entirely different experience.


We stayed at the Hilton Bonaventure (downtown), which is about a 7.00$ taxi ride to the gay district on Rue St. Catherine. (all references will be in Canadian dollars. A Canadian dollar is worth .65 cents American).


The village, as it is called, is very active, 24 hours. The people are very friendly and it is very easy to feel comfortable there. The shopping is nice, but all I bought was a rainbow umbrella (umbrella's have not been invented in Arizona yet, so needed to purchase one). The sight seeing was wonderful, but there are no words to describe the cuisine. Whatever your taste, its there, including Mexican (hey we passed). We tended to go to classic French, but one night went to a Spanish cafe. The prices were an absolute bargain. Dollar prices were less than Phoenix for goods and services, but they were Canadian dollars. A four to five course meal in a remarkable French restaurant was between 20$ and 30$. That translates into far less in American dollars.


By now I have lost all those who have only one thing on their mind, FUCKING. Too bad, because Montreal is the sex capital of North America. It is available, it is quality, and you pay Canadian dollars.


I never contacted an Escort Service simply because the pickings at the clubs and on St. Catherine made that completely unnecessary. There are five male nude strip clubs that we know of. We went to all five. All five provided for a hard dick.


1. Westside Club. Just two blocks from our hotel, was not busy on the Sunday night that we visited. There were however 8 very goodlooking guys stripping naked and providing "private dances". a private dance takes place in a semi-private cubicle, where you sit back and let the dancer of your choice gyrate on you for 10$ for five minutes. (Remember that is $6.50 US) If you get more than one dance, you can generally have your way with the dancer. I went with a hot 19 year old blond from a small town outside Montreal, named Bruno. He kissed, let me such his dick and rim him to my hearts content. My traveling companion had a French Canadian that so captivated him that he spent 100$ without complaining. The boys on the nights that we were there were mostly in their 20's and semi-hunky to hunky. No twinkies.


2. Club Taboo. The twinkie capital of the world. They are all of age and seemed very nice, but not my cup of tea. The age is is 18 to maybe 21. Taboo has the best set up and is the most comfortable of the village bars.


3. Club Adonnis. The guys here were more like the Westside Club. Semi-hunky to hunky, 21 to 25 years old, but not bodybuilder studs. Went for a private dance and again after the first dance, you get much more.


4. Campus. If you want a man, than this is one of the places to go. The guys here were hunks and all available, at least as far as I could see. I felt that the guys however were mostly gay for pay and not really into the scene. I had a good time and would definitely go back.


5. Stock Bar. My favorite. Words cannot describe the dancers at this club. They were all hot. A dancer comes on stage, it is with some clothes, which mostly disappear by the end of the dance. The next one comes on naked and usually with a roaring hard on. (ah, to be the club fluffer) The night I was there, 3 of them came on stage. It alternated all night, between the strip routine and the completely naked, completely hard stud. When I use the word stud, I mean stud. Most would go to your hotel room for between 150$ and 200$. The high end being 250$. Many of the guys here are also gay for pay, but I sensed that were far more into it, and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. There is something for every taste (as long as your taste runs in studs and not twinkies). I have always had a thing for blonds, but after seeing so many Canadian boys with black hair and blue eyes, I have converted.


There is a very active street hustler scene. As always, one must excercise caution and listen to your instincts. One guy offered me the time of my life for 20$. I passed. Another offered a very good time for 40$ and it was a good time. Maybe not the time of my life, but really worth 40$. The going rate seemed to be 40$. The hustling action is centered on a small park just off of Rue St Catherine and around the corner from the Adonnis.


Montreal was great. Any one thinking of a fun trip should absolutely consider this wonderful city.

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Thanks for sharing the details of your trip. I'll be sure to bring a copy along when I visit myself.


On one of my trips to Toronto a friend of mine spent over 90 mins with one of the Remington's studs for something like $80 (canadian). I thought he did pretty well and he didn't even negotiate.

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