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Hey NYO! IS TJ at the gaeity the one from Fla?

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NYO's computer has crash and his new computer is on the way! I believe TJ is from FLA and orginally from the Boston area. According to NYO, TJ is working part of this week.



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RE: He is the best dancer...


He is way overbooked in NYC. I have been with him before and he is great BUT he wanted to squeeze me in between client number 7 and 8 on the same day. I passed. I told him he should raise his rates dramatically so only the very rich or very appreciative can afford him. blu

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OK...I can weigh in on this one. I met TJ about 3 1/2 years ago when he was dancing at the sorely-missed 825 in Ft. Lauderdale. He is from Boston and has gone back and forth. His cell number changed frequently, so I kept losing him. (He has been flown about the country a some extremely wealthy clients.)


A year later, I spent almost a month in Ft. Lauderdale obsessively looking for him based on "sightings" and local-gay-rag articles. Finally, I caught up with him at another strip club.


I also tracked him down another year later by questioning Denise at the Gaiety repeatedly... (Is TJ ever coming back??) Finally, I connected with him there as well.


First off: I don't think I have ever in my life seen a more beautiful man. OH MY GOD. The thick Boston accent adds a nice tough blue-collar edge as well.


However.... I did about 3 privates in total with him. I was very limited in what I would do, so he basically just had to pose in all his gorgeousness. However, now that I have been with other escorts in the meantime, I realize that I should have expected a little more "connection" and warmth from him. He was in an extreme hurry each time.


(But to be honest, when I met him at the Gaiety, I didn't realize that ALL the dancers rush there...And I was stupidly waiting downstairs in the wrong place for probably 15 minutes. My mistake!)


The first time, when I had trouble coming, he just proceeded to put his clothes right back on. I was devastated. Another time, I asked him to kneel on a rug. He did it for a few seconds, and then said it hurt his knees. He seemed distant and distracted. He didn't relate to me at all like the gay escorts (whom I am seeing now) do. (On one occasion, he said "I've got to get right back, I told my girlfriend that I was just getting the car washed...")


Don't get me wrong. This guy is so beautiful he could stop traffic. However, I realized from my experiences with him that I no longer want to patronize straight escorts. I want more give and take, more personal connection, more warmth.


However, if you just want to be with a man who is better looking than almost anyone you have ever seen IN YOUR LIFE, then maybe TJ is for you.

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Not my experience. I have found him very engaging. I have serviced him front and back. He is not comfortable kissing but he will fake kiss. He is great at holding you down and being aggressive with his body. And that Marky-Mark Boston accent- woof. I am a huge fan of his. But not when there are a million people on his dance card. blu

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Sorry for the lack of a response, I have been computerless for almost 2 weeks. I didn't feel I should log in here from work.


Anyhow, as you now know, TJ is the one from Florida, but he told me he is moving up here, at least part time. He said he'd be working at the Gaiety more regularly, but maybe the best bet is to try to schedule him when he's not working there.


He seems very personable both on and off stage, I have never met him behind closed doors.


Thanks for the info on what he's like, of course, this is always a very one-on-one, chemistry based interaction.


By the way, I was unable to make it to The Gaiety this week. My apologies to those of you who look forward to my review. Hopefully, I'll be back next week :)

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