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You calling escorts?

CT Dick
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There is currently a thread about clients getting calls from escorts.


I'm curious about how escorts feel about getting social calls from clients.


(Obviously I'm not talking about those "perverts" who jack off while talking to an escort.)


I have one guy I see about once a month. He gives me a long massage so there is plenty of time to talk. How bad would it be for me to call him to follow up on something he said he's doing.


Or, how about the regular who couldn't make it because he was going to be away. Should I call and ask about the trip before I'm ready for a date?



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Well I have to say that i'm one of the "bad" escorts when it comes to follow ups. Not because the thought doesn't cross my mind but because that thought crosses my mind and is followed by lots of other thoughts which seem more essential for immediate attention at the time. I do apoligize for this bad habit because there really is no excuse for not taking 30 to pick up my cell and do so or drop a line or two.


But on the flip side, the times I have done it, it has backfired on me and I end up being bombarded with calls just to say hello everyday by the same people or am flooded with emails that I can't reply to immediate with the rest I am trying to. Not to say that I get so many but I have limited time on the pc on a daily basis.


Now I am a sincerely nice person and don't have the heart to put my foot down and say enough is enough. So instead I end up being nice and letting it slide till there's nowhere left for me to turn to but annoyance and anger. Or in another case I have actually tried the up front and honest version of the solution to this problem and it only ended with me looking like an asshole. Yes the "badguy". So honestly I can only say that you should know as the client when too much and too often is at hand. And as the escort we should try to follow up more often whether it be via e-mail or call if steps of discretion are taken. Either way, I am very anxious myself to see what has to said on this subject.


Take care and I hope i shed even a sparkle of light on the subject for you.


Mike ;-)~ <--M.M.O.T..


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