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Chicago - Cody Tyler

Guest davidndenver
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Sadly Cody is not really escorting at this time....another victim of the defunct EliteMale agency run by Sean & Casey. I have communicated with several of his concerned regulars here and they all have unfortunately experienced "no-shows" for his past few appts.


I did chat with him on IM a few weeks ago and he was quite distraught. He had apparently been left with the apartment and no help from Sean & Casey who never returned to Chicago after their trip to Houston in June. He was being evicted and said he was very depressed and overwhelmed. It was a sad conversation.


We can only hope the best for him and that he is well. He did come on line briefly yesterday so he is out there. Rumor has it that he has found a place to live.

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Guest IM_Moore

>I did chat with him on

>IM a few weeks ago

>and he was quite distraught.

> He had apparently been

>left with the apartment and

>no help from Sean &

>Casey who never returned to

>Chicago after their trip to

>Houston in June. He

>was being evicted and said

>he was very depressed and

>overwhelmed. It was a

>sad conversation.


Both Sean and Casey still are living in Houston though they no longer are partners. They each have changed their respective profiles under their personal AOL screen names to reflect this. They too can be seen online from time to time under the common screen name they have used for escorting.


I have a friend in the Chicago burbs who hired Cody about two weeks ago. He mentioned all went well ... nothing unusual. I do hope that Cody will be OK. All the feedback I have received about him has been very positive.

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Guest datamasterva



If Cody Tyler is still escorting, can you provide me with any contact information on him? Is he escorting as an independent now? Does he have an aol handle that I can talk to him with? Please email me directly at:



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I'm very sad to learn of Cody Tyler's situation and the demise of Sean & Casey's operation. Looked like they had a good thing going, but as happens so often, perhaps they tried to grow things too fast.


Hope things work out for Cody. From all accounts I've heard, he's a very nice kid and a great escort. If anyone finds out a way to contact him, feel free to let me know via email in this message area, I'd love to send him a check to help him during the hard times.

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