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I Need Some Help Here

Guest Topsweetie
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Guest Topsweetie

Hi gentlemen,


This is my first post here,and my first thread ever. Please bear with me on this cause I may get long-winded.

I had an appointment with an escort That I contacted from one of our local papers. We had Emailed a couple of times, and spoke on the phone twice, including a confirmation call the morning of the appointment. I had been specific about what I was looking for, and as I do with any first time escort, I stated that it was for an hour, but that would like to hold the option open for more if I/we are having a great time. My new Bud told me that everything was fine and we proceeded.

He showed up on time, was everything that he said physically and after some "getting to know you" time proceeded to the bedroom where we had some of the best sex I've had in a while.

Now here's where the problem starts. After about 25 minutes he shot his wad. I admit that there is some responsibility here on my part, cause I should have told him not to, but frankly, I was having such a great time, and he seemed to be also, that I figured,what the hell, we can always go for a second squirt together later.

He continued to work me over. After about another 15 minutes, when I slowed him down so I wouldn't cum, he gave an exasperated sigh, rolled off the bed and stood up. He then said that we were done and he was leaving. I remarked that this was not what we had agreed on. He told me that he didn't know what we had agreed on since I had been so vague. Then he said that I was the "most selfish person he had ever met" and went to dress.

I was stunned by this remark. And hurt. And angry.

I wanted to get to the bottom of this problem, but he made it clear to me that further discussion was not and option.

Then he said that he had been having a great time up till the point where he came then after that it was "just work". Ouch.

I got his fee:200$,all of it and gave it to him. He separated a few twenties from the stack and put them on the table.

I had to return to the bedroom for a moment and when I came out again he was ready to leave, so I showed him to the door and the stomped furiously away. I discovered that the money he had thrown on the table was gone, so whatever kind of gesture he intended he thought better of.

I realize that I may have made some mistakes here. And I would love to be able to resolve this with him if possible. I hate having these kind of interactions with others. It was and is my intention always to have win/win relations with people in my life.

So, what do you guys think? Where are the problems here? Was I expecting too much in "making him work" by prolonging my own orgasm?

Your sage council and wise words would be greatly appreciated. I want to be the kind of client that escorts like to come back to, and so far I have thought that it was so. Is my self-asteem issue showing here?


Thanks in advance to all of you


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From your telling of the events, I don't see that you did anything "wrong." The only suggestion is that you could have explicitly requested, in the middle of the session after the escort came, that you extend the session beyond an hour. But that's nitpicking.


Bottom line is that this guy sounds like the kind of escort who is more into his own pleasure and money rather than pleasing his clients. It's unfortunate but there are a number of escorts with bad attitudes. The only thing you can do about it is to try to hire guys with a positive track record in the review section here or re-hire guys with whom you have already had a great experience. And some escorts who post in this message section can also give you an indication of how they think about and treat clients.

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You said you were having "such a great time", so why does it matter if you didn't get that additional 15mins? Some clients have the expectation that there will be an hour of non-stop sex.

Focusing on that time you didn't get, obviously detracted from your overall enjoyment of the experience. I rarely get off a second time with a client...they can if they like, but if I've spent another 1/2 hour trying to get them off...well, I assume it's just not going to happen. For many escorts(and clients)once

they cum, they're DONE. Most of the clients that I've had who have insisted upon getting every second of that hour have been

some of the highest maintenance clients I've ever had. Most of my sessions last anywhere from 45mins. to an 1 1/2 hours. It really depends upon the client. Sometimes it will be 15mins. of

sex and 45mins. of chat time.


But, if what you want is that whole hour, continue to tell escorts that is what you expect and don't you cum or let them cum

until that hour is up. I'm also not charging $200/hr, but I believe my clients get their money's worth and then some. Because they could go to NYC, DC or La and hire someone of similar quality for nearly double my rates.



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I remember when I first starting in this line of work. My objective was to get the client off as quickly as possible, because as we all know, once you've blown your wad, you're really not into it anymore. I can't count how many appointments were over in minutes: )

Well my objectives have changed considerably. I attempt to make the time we spend together both sexually as well as intellectually stimulating. Ok sometimes I'm not very focused on the intellectual side of things, we all have our off days: )

But the overall goal is to make the experience pleasurable for both parties involved. If you think I don't find pleasure in these encounters, you are mistaken. It might not always be a tangible, but in almost all meetings, I get something to come away with. (once it was CRABS: ) ...oh he's on a role today: )

As we all know, after orgasm, men usually just want to roll over and go to sleep, I know I do. Which is why I rarely cum before my partner does, that way I'm in it for the long haul, they get off, and if they are done, I can always finish myself off: ) They're happy, I'm happy.

You may be saying to yourself "what the fuck does this have to do with the original thread"? I don't honestly know, I guess I just need an audience today: ) I have had a lot of cancelations this week due to travel restrictons... so I'm here all WEEK, don't forget to try the specials, and tip your waitress....pa dum pum.

Something I tell a lot of guys, if you feel like cumming, do it!! There is nothing worse than a half assed orgasm. We've all had them. And after you cum, if you want us to leave, ok, if you want us to hang out, which I usually do anyways (I'm often asked to leave: ) that's cool too.

I'm only speaking for myself, so some guys may just start getting dressed after you blow you load, just be upfront, in a non confrontational way, in saying what your expectations are. There is nothing that kills the mood quicker than the clarification of an 'arrangment'

Matt(just goes and goes and goes)



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