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ORANGE COUNTY, California Suggestions Requested

Guest IM_Moore
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Guest IM_Moore

I recently relocated to OC and have been having problems finding "local" escorts. It appears that all are from Los Angeles or San Diego. I usually hire escorts 3 time per month and really would like someone closer.


Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions and contact information of guys in the OC area. My general "type" is 18 - 26 Latin, Asian or White - twink to average size guy. Sexually I'm seeking a versatile top.


Thanks in advance for you assistance :)

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Guest TheOriginalMessage

>I recently relocated to OC and

>have been having problems finding

>"local" escorts. It appears that

>all are from Los Angeles

>or San Diego.


I lived in Orange County for 5 years and had the same problem. Once in a while I would find a guy through Frontiers but he usually did not live up to what was agreed to. I mostly hire escorts with a web history and rely on this site now.


The review section does not vreak up California enough. It lists LA & SD for SoCal. There are two escorts listed as being in OC yet both with outdated and negative reviews.


My only suggestion is possibly an escort who lives in the southern part of Los Angeles like Long Beach or near that area who would not mind driving down to see you on a regular basis. Good luck!

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Guest ManToManEscorts

Hey Guys!


Dave from Man To Man Escorts in San Diego here. I understand your predicament about good escorts in Orange County. I have tried in vain to find good guys in OC (I ran ads in The Blade etc) and so far have not been able to find much of anything. The only guy that I have who resides in Orange County is Devin, who is a former Colt model and very hot, but older than what you are looking for.


All of my San Diego guys WILL travel to OC with sufficient advance notice, tho it's getting harder and harder to talk them into driving up there, especially during rush hour. I have to pay them and extra $75 gas/travel to go up there -- a cost which is borne by customer.


One option for you might be to meet them halfway (such as Carlsbad or Oceanside)-- that would save you the travel fee, tho you would need to get a motel room (several inexpensive ones to choose from).

If you'd like to discuss options, please feel free to shoot me an E-mail or give me a call.






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Guest Stefano

Well I am very versatile and drive out to OC at least once a week usually when I'm in the states. I return the 19th of Sept. I don't charge an extra $75 for gas. if anything more like 10-15.. Just a thought. Take care..;-)~


Mike Stefano ;-)~ <--M.M.O.T.



PS I am this coming weeks escort of the week on http://www.choirboyz.co.uk so tomorrow you can see new pics of me from today in the auction section.. For a slight more recent pic that is...LOL Please forgive the hair. I went out to a club called fridges last night and had just woken up when I took the pics.. ;-)~..CHEERS!

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Actually I haven't yet but it has been a thought for a while now. I am working on putting together my own fashion show in about 6 months in LA and was hoping to go down(oops freudian slip) I mean up and find some fabrics..LOL! Who knows!


Mike ;-)~.<--M.M.O.T.

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Guest ChicagoHotDad

I was stuck in OC for 3 months this spring for business. I too tried Frontiers, but found it hard to coax anyone to come out there. The one guy who did show up was not worth it. I coped by going to Hollywood or SD once in a while for a night. I had some luck with Yahoo personals, as through them I met a student in Long Beach who was short on cash, and didn't mind the drive to me. I also picked up a hustler "hitchiking' in Long Beach once, so there is hope out there.

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Reading this thread has made my day. What I mean is it's so good to see that some of the heroes of our wettest dreams are such lovely, funny, smart, friendly persons.

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>Reading this thread has made my

>day. What I mean

>is it's so good to

>see that some of the

>heroes of our wettest dreams

>are such lovely, funny, smart,

>friendly persons.



Are you talking about me? I think you're talking about me. I hope you're talking about me. What am I thinking? Must be some mistake. LOL Thank You. And you have made mine to express such kind words.. Take care and I miss you all dearly!


Lots of love and support!


Mike ;-(

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Of course it's you. You, Bryan Young, and a small number of others (I would include Matt too, due to his very special personal charm, although he is not within the age group I am usually attracted to). I hope you are well (though shocked, naturally) and all your loved ones are safe. I hope your British clients are treating you well.


I am not surprised at all by your being elected Escort of The Week at Choirboyz. One day I'll make that trip to LA!



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Well thank you and I agree with you about Bryan. He has been a big inspiration to myself and I'm not sure that he knows that. Myself and Stephan met with him once and he gave me alot of light on what then seemed to be a hopeless cause. I am only honored to be classified together with the ranks of these boys. I will soon return to my fellow americans to give my full love and support. Take care.


Mike ;-)~ <--M.M.O.T.

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