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Another question for Escorts(and clients who experienced this)

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Okay guys, here is another one. If you do have a regular client would you ever cut him a break on your rate as a "loyalty reward(for lack of a better term)" or even say, "Hey this evening is free of charge. You have been good to me. This is my way of saying thanks." And have any clients ever experienced this?

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Guest Big Spender

Never a freebie but some of my Gaiety boys will actually give me a full hour as opposed to the forty five minutes or less that you usually get with them.


The guys in Montreal are the best that I have found... they do not watch the clock and are usually very accomodating.

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Guest jeffOH

Here are some of the things I've done for REGULAR clients of mine


1) I waived my overnight fee with a client when he booked an appt. for us with a visiting porn star(who charged $800hr. for just one hour).


2) I've spent 4-5 hours with a client and only charged them for

for 2hrs.


3) I charged a regular client $500 for a whole weekend. He flew

me to his place in New Hampshire on Friday and we drove back to

Ohio, arriving early Sun. eve..


4) I've given "student" discounts to college boys.


5) If a client is fairly regular(at least several times a year),

I never raise my fee on them.



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There was an escort I saw in New Jersey who had "frequent client discounts". The rate dropped from $200 down to $125 if you saw him more than once. After I think the third or fourth visit, each time was $125. I thought that was interesting and encouraged more visits with the same escort.




An American Expat in London

(formerly SFJEFF)

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