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Guest openended

I tried him last month. He looks better in the pictures than he does in real life. I put in a review after my session with him. He was pleasent enough, but not very active when it came to sex.

If you want to get fucked by a real stud, try Tony in Columbus. My search for a good fuck is over. I put reviews in on both of them. I plan on seeing Tony again next week. Make sure you'e well rested before spending time with him, He will wear you out.


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Guest jeffOH

I don't know Dakota, nor have I ever worked with him. I do know

two of my clients who have had experiences with him...one said

he had an, "OK time", and the other sent him away when he showed

up at his hotel. Read his "reviews".


I have hired "TONY" here in Columbus, so speaking as a client, I

must say when someone says that they're muscular and they give you all their measurements, you expect someone more solid. If you

are looking for a "truly" muscular stud to pound you from here

until tomorrow, Michael, "MasterFucker", is your man.


And, to blow my own horn some, I'm no slouch in the ass-pounding

dept. and I am really quite versatile and passionate. Just

depends upon for what you're looking, I guess.



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