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Talvin DeMachio Newsletters? I signed up and all of a sudden I am not getting anything!

Talvin DeMachio
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Hey Guys,


This thread is only to apply to people who have signed up for my newsletters and now they are not getting any.


About 2.5 months ago (and I posed this on my site) My Newsletter list (which is a pearl/cgi script) was corrupted. I lost hundreds of members due to the fact that the TXT file was damaged that held my members E mail list. I had a back up copy which was about 2 weeks old. However, Anyone who had signed up after the back up was lost. I send out a newsletter about every week to two weeks. If you have not gotten one. Please sign up again on my site.




On the flip side of the coin you can unregister you E mail at anytime by going to the same URL above and entering your E mail address and hitting cancel.


I do not give you anyones E mail addresses what so ever. I hate getting junk mail and I know my fans to do.


If you sign up and you get a message saying thank you and you have been added. That means that you name was not on the latest back up copy. If you get a message stating that your already on the list. Well then you should be getting my newsletters.


I hope this helps.


Have a super day.



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Guest FirstPlace

I wasn't on your list prior yet am now, you're very hot :) Hopefully I will get the opportunity to hire you when you head my way. I will watch your travel schedule.

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