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411 on Bruce Patterson

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Yes, he's Canadian & straight (no question-mark), but he's certainly still escorting. He does have a website, I think, and a 'business' email address--thru which his girlfriend handles inquiries, answering in his name--but I don't know either. (Try asking over at Ace Bannon's site--muscleservice.com.) Bruce is a nice guy & has beautiful, big muscles, but like many BBs, he's fundamentally not very sexy. He's mostly a stand-there-&-flex type, but even when submitting to a little oral attention, it's not a very exciting experience for either side. And while you'd think that eating out that big, round butt would be a thrill, the fact like he lies there like a lox soon turns it into a ho-hum why-am-I-doing-this exercise. Sorry to be so negative, but for the big bucks involved, you might as well know what you're (not) getting yourself into. A few years ago it cost $300 just for the private posing w/o any sexual contact at all. The extras would quickly put things into the $400-500 range. I'm not sure how much 'escorting' he does up in Canada, but he comes to NYC two or three times a year to do just that, & I expect it's the same for Florida, the West Coast & wherever else the big spenders are.

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