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differance between jt from tor and chris fm balt?

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i know jt from visiting toronto and remingtons often. i seldom

take him for a lapdance because i know his limits, of which he

has always been upfront about with me and everyone i know in

toronto. just wondering what he is telling people in new york

that he will or won't do that has everyone all upset. is there

wishful thinking on some peoples' part, hoping they can get more

than he may be telling them he will allow? i've also known chris

from baltimore from his dancing days in balt and d.c., and have

come to nyc and gaiety to see him there whenever possible, though

i never did a private with him. tonight i did. since i knew

him for a while, and read all of "assmasters'" tales about him,

i did not have him spell out to me what he would or wouldn't do.

(no, not naivette on my part, stupidity!) so imagine my surprise

when he told me it is $100 extra to suck, and another $100 extra

if he came. i know chris is very personable and i still like

him, but i'm curious how jt became the devil incarnate so fast,

and chris gets such favorable reviews and is looked upon as an


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Guest NYGuy

Shy, let me get this straight, you’ve known Chris to be a nice enough guy that you didn’t need to agree on his dos and don’ts before having him for a private in the Gaiety. That was based on your experience with him as a dancer in Baltimore and elsewhere. Still, he turned out not to be so nice in the Gaiety and he tried to rip you off! Now, you’re wondering why would JT, which you know to be a nice enough guy in Remington’s, turn out to be the devil incarnate in the Gaiety!! You can answer that yourself based on your own experience with Chris! It’s the same thing! Have you heard of something called greed?!


If JT was indeed an “honest” guy who clearly states his limits upfront in Remington’s, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean he’ll do the same in the Gaiety. See, in Remington’s his “honesty” may scare off a customer who only pays 20 can $ per song, but in the Gaiety, where customers pay US $200, it’s easy to see why he’d lie to make as big a bounty as possible in the week or two he’s working there. Not a big mystery to me, not to mention that that’s what happened to me and others who were unfortunate enough to be fooled by this con artist.


Please, don’t be fooled by appearances.

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Guest gilbie

chris is a professional charmer and one of my personal favorites. you just have to be aware that as charming as he can be he's a completely different person once you get behind closed doors. in the heat of passion he will ask for more money and get as much as he can despite what you agreed on beforehand. the fact is he is totally straight. since it obviously takes a lot more for him to get into it he trys to act like more money will magically get his dick harder. i think if you understand where chris is at in his mind and what he's all about you won't be disappointed. it's like that with a lot of the gaiety boys these days.

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