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Mac Star
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I have always found Winnipeg to be a wasteland. There was a guy named David (I think) that used to advertise on rentboy and his ad may still be around but I do not know him. There are a few male escort ads in the Winnipeg Free Press and other legit papers but again you take your chances. The hustler cruising area, if you are into that, is on a side street, behind the Fort Gary Hotel, running parallel to the river from the Legislature going east. Last time I check it out, about 2 yrs ago, even this oasis had dried up!

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>There was a guy named

>David (I think) that used

>to advertise on rentboy and

>his ad may still be

>around but I do not

>know him.


Seems to have vanished.



>are a few male escort

>ads in the Winnipeg Free

>Press and other legit papers

>but again you take your



I'll check it out!


The hustler

>cruising area, if you are

>into that, is on a

>side street, behind the Fort

>Gary Hotel, running parallel to

>the river from the

>Legislature going east. Last

>time I check it out,

>about 2 yrs ago, even

>this oasis had dried up!


Sigh. I hope when I make the trip I'm on speaking terms with my hand!

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