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Boston Escorts

Guest jb
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I know there have been several posts about escorts in Boston. I started hiring escorts a little more than a year ago, first in New York City, and, more recently, in Boston.


There is a distinct difference between the escorts I've been with in the two cities. Escorts in New York are generally accomadating. They aim to please their clients. I continually return to New York since my experiences with escorts there have been overwhelmingly positive.


In Boston, I've been disappointed repeatedly. Appointments are cancelled. Phone calls and e-mails are not returned. Promises are not kept. Meetings are cancelled while I'm en route. It's almost as if the escorts I've contacted in Boston have the attitude that they are doing me a favor in agreeing to see me. I have grown weary of their lack of professionalism.


I encourage visitors to the Northeast to schedule their times with escorts elsewhere. Although there are a lot of escorts available in Boston, I have yet to find a single one to match the guys available in New York City.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Mar-22-01 AT 09:03AM (EST)[p]jb,


I cannot refute your claim, others may... I don't really know since my experience in Boston isn't all that broad. My impression is that there are a number of flakey escorts and several others that aren't... In my case, there just isn't much that appeals to my taste... either tops, or twinks that don't kiss, or just not my type, or worse... bad reviews. For others I suspect there are several good guys from the first three categories above. I don't require Boston streets be paved with gold, a simple pot of gold (for a simple man) will do -- and I've found that pot. Not to imply that is the only well I drink from... the others are scattered about the country or are foreign imports visiting. It always nice to sample the regional cuisine... :-) Yes, NYC is full of talent... funny thing though, 4 out of 5 of my appointments in the BIg Apple are with out-of-towners.


Ultimately, I guess it all depends on what one is looking for and what one expects.


Another thought... Boston has a higher percentage of students and other part-timers, I believe... This may account for part of your experience.

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Guest elwood

I am inclined to agree with the comments on escorts in Boston. I have not been with very many but the few encounters I have had have been very disappointing. More like hustlers or very arrogant. Too bad because Boston is very convenient for me. But there is a real lack of professionalism there among escorts. It seems like there are a lot of young guys looking for a quick buck but not able to even try to make the experience at all satisfying for the client. I am sure this is a temporary phenomenon..or just a run of bad luck on my part. I must admit I have had a couple of good experiences and have reviewed them. I have found Rodrigo to be sweet,charming,sexy and very giving. I don't know if he is still escorting. Otherwise I have not been with anyone I would repeat. (Caveat: My experience with Boston escorts is still quite limited so I am ONLY referring to the ones I have met thus far)

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Guest Kenny

I tend to agree with all the above comments made re: Boston Escorts. I rely on escorts in NYC or "out of town" visitors who come to Boston. There are several Boston escorts that have been favorably reviewd here but none of them appear to be my type. Either too young (Brett) or physically unattractive to me or very limited in what they will do. Example: Big Jake (who appears to be only for the "muscle worshippers" and Jon Ramsey (who, while listed as a Top 10 Escort) is extremely limited. One escort, Jason (who I have not been with) is supposedly very good and perhaps I will eventually try him. InNewsweekly has probably the most extensive listing of escorts yet most don't have a pic or are not reviewed on this website. It would appear that if someone could make the Boston Escorts aware of their reputation, perhaps some improvement would occur.

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How depressing... same here, most of my encounters in Boston have been disappointing. You can't even trust the dancers at Paradise to go back to your hotel room with you... they'll say yes until it's time and then they disappear. :-(

One exception is Todd ( http://www.toddsbod.com ) whom I found to be a reliable goodlooking muscle guy who aims to please. No anal, though, and when I saw him about a year ago, he no longer had the long hair. He's fun, anyone else have any experience with him?




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Guest shadow

I'm a Boston guy so I guess that I'm required to put my two cents in :)


All I can say is that it would be great if Boston had the availibility and variety of New York, for instance.


For now, I'm happy with the VERY short list of guys who I see who click with me. It took me over a year to develop this short list though.


Let me emphasize the words VERY SHORT LIST. I need a list instead of one person because When I'm in the mood, someone is always out of town :) {This little people is for the escort on my list who i know checks out this page ;) }

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I agree.


The situation has deteriorated markedly in the last couple of years.

The number of gay escort ads in the Phoenix has gone down to almost

nil. inNewsweekly doesn't have the variety of ads it did even 3 years



The days of hot college guys lined up 4 deep on the old block (before

it moved to St. James St. and took a nosedive) are long gone. The

days when you had a choice of 2 or 3 bathhouses in Boston, each

with its own culture and its own crowd, are also gone. The movie

theatres where you could always count on a helping hand or more

have vanished. I 'm too young to have visited the "boy" brothels

with young men earning tuition, but I've heard the stories. And

it hasn't all vanished because of the AIDS epidemic. It just seems

to be a meaner time. (Just look at Congress!)


And now the escort scene seems to be headed in the same



These days, with all the no-shows and no-callbacks, you sort of

have to plan your horniness a week in advance. Let's face it - two

different reasons many of us see escorts are the excitement of a

quick encounter and the convenience (when not in a relationship).


So... if the escort scene can't be spontaneous and isn't convenient,

something's wrong in this picture.


And with all that, as the scene withers, the prices for escorts in

Boston have doubled recently. Like the guy in the previous message,

I used to have a short list and was a regular client of a few guys

(including two pairs of roommates in the South End and a Beacon Hill

hottie, but that's another story.)


Jeez, I wish those guys were still in the business! }>


It ain't all bad. I get my share. But It's getting harder and harder.

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Guest shadow

LAST EDITED ON Mar-26-01 AT 03:33PM (EST)[p]>These days, with all the no-shows

>and no-callbacks, you sort of


>have to plan your horniness a

>week in advance.



This line made me let out a little giggle. Its so funny because its so true. :)



By the way, has anyone ever been to this website: http://www.meetlocalmen.com .


I just discovered it today. It has some Boston escorts that I haven't seen before. It also has escorts from other cities.

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Thanks to all who have written. I appreciate reading your comments! It's nice to know that I am not the only one who has had such experiences. Strange, isn't it? I go for a visit to almost any other comparable city and have no problem hiring someone for an overnight. And have a great time. Here in Boston, the escorts are, as a rule, terrible.


Elwood: I agree with you about Rodrigo. I have had a lot of nice times with him, but the last one was an absolute distaster.


I think that's maybe what bothers me. Here was a young escort that was sweet, accomodating, pleasant, and professional. I hired him over and over because I thought he was exempt from the Boston syndrome. But always for a couple of hours. Then, the last time (a few weeks ago, for an overnight) ... Rodrigo had the same problems as the rest of the locals ... late, sloppy, tired, boring, overworked, and dull. I ended our session early and went home.


Why is this tolerated?


Boston is not a small city, and there must be lots of competition among the escorts. Yet each of them that I've met has been second rate. If we clients allow mediocrity to become the norm, we desrve nothing better.



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Guest elwood



I'm very sorry to hear that about Rodrigo,jb. He was so nice,thats a shame. Maybe it just proves that this thread has a legitimate point as wev'e been saying.OR,hopefully, maybe he just had a bad day.

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Guest Consultant_online

>The number of gay escort ads

>in the Phoenix has gone

>down to almost



Oh my, I met my first escort sometime in the mid-70's through an ad in the Phoenix, when I lived in the Back Bay!!


>The days of hot college guys

>lined up 4 deep on

>the old block (before

>it moved to St. James St.

>and took a nosedive) are

>long gone. The

>days when you had a choice

>of 2 or 3 bathhouses

>in Boston, each

>with its own culture and its

>own crowd, are also gone.


Sigh. The steamroom at the Club. There will never be anything like it again. Any I ought to have frequent flyer miles for all the times I drove around that block. Sigh. We were all so much younger then.


>The movie

>theatres where you could always count

>on a helping hand or


>have vanished.


Did you ever try the men's room at the Boston Puclic Library? My roomate was forever going over there and picking up what he referred to as "takeout chicken dinner." They probably have video cameras in there now.



>These days, with all the no-shows

>and no-callbacks, you sort of

>have to plan your horniness a

>week in advance. Let's face

>it - two different reasons many of us see

>escorts are the excitement of

>a quick encounter and the convenience (when

>not in a relationship).

>So... if the escort scene can't

>be spontaneous and isn't convenient,

>something's wrong in this picture.


You're absolutely right, half the fun is being spontaneous when the mood hits. There is such a thing as over-planning. It used to be so neat to just hop in the car, or get on the motorcycle, and go pick someone up.


Sounds like Boston just is not the hub of the universe anymore, at least from the escort perspective.

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I must agree, being from Boston it is very frustrating (in many ways). I have been with just a few escorts because I was turned off by them. One is very good and accomodating in the So. End but he does not have a great body, that is not just what I am looking for but now and then I like it. Jon Ramsey is expensive and very nice and accomodating but very limited in what he does.


Any ideas on good escorts out there? Also I am planning a trip to NYC in 2 weeks and would like to meet up with one of the escorts you all are talking about but am afraid to get ripped off. Any ideas? I am a bottom and would like someone very aggressive. What about Perfect Top? Is he what the reviews and his webpage says?


Thanks, Hopefully someone will read this and start to change.



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LAST EDITED ON Apr-04-01 AT 05:38PM (EST)[p]

>there? Also I am

>planning a trip to NYC

>in 2 weeks and would

>like to meet up with

>one of the escorts you

>all are talking about but

>am afraid to get ripped

>off. Any ideas?

>I am a bottom and

>would like someone very aggressive.


For a good time call Rick Munroe (917)523-4777!


(I've always wanted to do that }> -- thanks for the idea Joey C.!) Check out his many favorable reviews. They speak for themselves. His partner Derek Ross is also a good bet for a good time.(917)304-5456 His many favorable reviews also speak for themselves. Trust me. ;-) You won't go wrong with either one of them. :9 :9 :9

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