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Marco in St Louis

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Today Marco in St Louis was reviewed for the sixth time. Client #6 says is he a lawyer with his own firm. If that's true, he won't last long in a profession that relies for its effectiveness on knowing how to write an English sentence, how to spell, how to form contractions, and how to punctuate. Like Client #6, Clients #1-5 seem to have similar problems with Standard American English. What's more, all but one says he's bisexual; and if I remember correctly they're all self-employed men between 35 and 42. So apparently Marco is playing footsie with a great many married, professional, bisexual men in their thirties and early forties, all of whom own their own firms and none of whom can put a coherent sentence together. Maybe something got in the water as Old Man River flowed past St Louis and reduced the brains of all the smart guys to oatmeal. Or maybe Marco takes dictation from his many switch-hitting admirers who have better things to do than write their M4M reviews with their own busy fingers.

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Good catch Will. If I'm not mistaken, this is the same St. Louis Marco that advertised on Escorts4You some months back with a torso pic of Mike Conway from Toronto. Taken directly off of Mikes site.


Mike was notified as was the webmaster and the original ad was deleted. I wonder who's pic is there now>

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Gr8 detective work!


Yes , those Revues all look the Same.


Curiously, most of the reviewers were first-timers.


One, O Malley, also had a review of an escort in Las Vegas.


Reviews #4 and #6 were both bihotstud1's second review but the search engine didn't come up with either of his first ones.


BTW, that picture is NOT of me.

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