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Another Toby from Philly alert

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I should have known better........certainly the warnings on this site about the infamous Toby of Philly were plain enough. But I contacted him anyway a month ago, and his frequent and quick, if not elaborate, responses to my queries caused me to risk sending him an e ticket to join me in a sunny part of the USA. I thought maybe that alone would entice him to come! But when I went to pick him up at the airport he didn't show.....and there has been no explanatory email message or phone call as to why. It 's clear to me now that he never had any intention of coming, thinking it all a grand joke, and it's further clear that from this experience and his bizarre reactions to his reviews that he has a vendetta against this site and those who use it. So, once more, it's caveat emptor to whoever falls for his beauty and listens to his Siren call........

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I know that you must be very upset, spiro3.


All I can say is that Toby was phenominal when he was with Premiere. I was one of his clients.


I have to admit that Toby may not be the smartest cookie out there, and a little immature. I bet that if he did meet with you, it would had been one of the best times you would have had with an escort. Too bad a great escort has to go down like this. I wonder what happened to him.


I do have to say this, however, to say that he has a vendetta against this site is a little strong. He has more of a misunderstanding. He wrote an angry he reply to a good review that I wrote for him. I latered e-mailed him and he explained why he did that. I accepted it.


Like I said, Toby was phenominal when he was at Premiere. I wonder what happened to the kid.

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Guest Studpony

I had spent time with Toby when he was with Premier also. As a matter of fact, I wrote the first review of him. I was so impressed, I showed him the review before I sent it. He was incredible. When we were together, we watched a Brad Posy video, and although he enjoyed it, he thought it was exploitive. He was very firm about that sort of thing. I think he last it over the picture posting problem with this site because of that, or rather his perception of it. As far as all of the comments posted since then, I have no explanation. All I can say is that he was, and I'm sure still is terrific sexually.

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