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Musclehunks Videos

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>I emailed them several times looking

>for some information about those

>gorgeous guys and their videos.

>They never answer me.


The bad news is they never answer e-mails.


>Any body knows if that site

>is reliable in order to

>buy videos?


The good news is that I bought Ron Royce's video from them. (He appears in several Vista Videos and has always been one of my favorites.) It took a long time to arrive. It came on the day that I was going to notify my credit card company that I was going to dispute the charges.


If you go to the discussion board at Campfire Vides (http://www.hunkvideo.com) and do a search for Vista Video, Ron Williams, Ron Royce, Mark Dalton, or Musclehunks, you'll find several posts about Ron Royce's and Mark Dalton's Musclehunks videos. (Both guys appeared in Vista Videos and effectively ended their Vista careers with their Musclehunks appearances. The producer of Vista Videos, Ron Williams, has an iron clad policy -- he will not use models who've done anything "adult).


Ron Royce, Mark Dalton, and Musclehunks are also discussed on the Muscleservice discussion board. Their url is http://www.muscleservice.com. They have several discussion boards, the discussions take place on the board that has "escort" in its description.


Some of the discussions, on both of the above boards, discuss the content of the videos. Others seem to mirror my experience --the company doesn't respond to e-mails and it takes a long time for the videos to arrive.


I hope this helps.

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They are a little frustrating to deal with. I eventually got the videos that I ordered, but I too was about to call the credit card company and cancel payment.


By law, they are not supposed to bill your credit card until the day they ship the merchandise. Reputable mail order palces do this (like L.L. Bean or Land's End). Musclehunks bills the credit card as soon as they get the order from you, but they ship the order on their own sweet time. I decided not to get anything more from them, even though I want the Mark Dalton video.

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Thanks a lot for your information. As I do not live in USA, I found very risky to buy a video from "Musclehunks", using internet and a credit card.

Do you know any other site to buy videos from Ron Royce and Mark Dalton, besides Vistamen Videos? I found them very hot guys (as Jeremy, maybe the hottest from Vistamen) and with outstanding bodies. Vistamen are nice videos, but I would found someones a little hotter.



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