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Ryan Zane - Los Angeles

Guest EWC
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Guest LAtommy

WAY too expensive! And I got ATTITUDE along with my call to find out more. AND! He is not willing to do much.


SO . . . . .


(ATTITUDE + $400)-ACTION = No FUN and REDUCED Fun Money.


I passed on that deal!

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Guest laman2662

I experienced a much different Ryan. He was polite on the phone and over email. He arrived on time and treated me very well. Romantic and listened to me. Took everything at my pace and made sure i had a great time. It was like I had the chance to have a boyfriend for a night.


I recommend him for the whole package. I think part of me kind of fell for him. I wish I could have given him half of the experience that he gave me.


I agree with Matt - he was sexy, intelligent, kind, caring and everything you could hope for.



On the negative post - Maybe it was a bad day for him or maybe the signals got crossed and he thought that you were asking for things that he did not offer. It could have been a total miscommunication.

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Guest RyanZane

Hi, this is Ryan Zane...


This message came to me as very surprising... I can not remember ever being rude to anyone - how we treat others is how we are treated - and I would never be disrespectful for that reason. We are all people, and should never be treated poorly, no matter what our background, or purpose of contact; there is enough attitude in the world without having to make my own.


As for the price... I consider myself to be an extremely fair person, and an experience/date with me is something that should be enjoyable for the other party. If I was providing a quick unsatisfying experience of just a "let's get this over and dome with" session, then I would be silly for charging what I do. However, I like each and every person that I am with to have an amazing experience, one of passion and complete attention - where they know that for the time we are together, they are the only thing that matters - and it will be one to remember.


I am an average guy, with average expectations, and in my own personal and professional life, have limitations on what I will do "sexually". I respect myself and my body, as well as my clientelle - putting myself and others at any kind of risk is something that I WILL NOT DO, regardless. So yes, I do have limitations... I respect and honor that in others, and can only hope for the same.


Again, to the person who wrote this comment (whomever you are, I wish I knew...). I do appologize that I had come accross as you have written; that certainly was not my intent. I understand that if you were treated this way, that is unacceptable. Please accept my sincerity.


Love to all....




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hey, ryan, you were never rude in the sense of nasty to me but you were rude in responding to only one of my email enquiries. my subsequent responses to you went unanswered--and i am into neither kink nor unsafe stuff. i was really looking forward to enjoying your company when i was in the la area after new years but.............. you could have at least politely declined and given a reason.

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Guest RyanZane

Now I understand... It made me sad to think someone thought I was treating them poorly... now I get it, pheeewwwww!


I totally appologize for not getting back to your second inquiry. I get a huge amount of e-mail's each day, and sometimes don't get to answer them back until a later day... that's probably what happened, is that I thought I had already responded. Guess I'd better pay better attention! Sorry!


Please re-send, put "hey, respond to my e-mail forgetfull" and I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP!


I try to respond to everyone as soon as I can, and I always, always try to respond. If I'm booked up, or unavailable for the times that work for you, then I will be sure to let you know and won't leave you hanging... hopefully hard! ha ha


Thanks for your response, am glad that I cleared this up!!!




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Guest hardbody

Ryan Zane


I find it interesting that LAtommy wrote a poor review of Ryan Zane.


My experience with Ryan was that he was delightful, polite and prompt.


When we discussed $$, I never bat an eye his price. He was worth double, so I tipped him as much. I would pay him double just for dinner!


Ryan made me feel special, he was very relaxed which helped me to relax, and absolutely the most sensual man I have ever met.


I will call Ryan whenever I am in town. He has got to be the best looking man that I have ever met! I think his kindness shows through.


LAtommy must have been having a bad day.

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