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I quit escorting

Guest Stephan-Lacoste
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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

I have decided to quit escorting. Why?

First of all, I have a full time job requiring me more time that i can spend, a job that i love.

Second of all, I'm tired of dealing with that escorting thing. For the past 2 years, i have been enjoying myself and did meet a lot of nice people. I visited some of the best part of the US and I could never forget that. But for over 4 months now, Things have been different. Things have been crazy, really crazy and i realized that i was not that strong and could not handle it. Escorting is a real hard job when you do because you love doing it. It is really hard. Spending a lot of time on the road and bed was not that easy.I get so many emails everyday that I cannot even focus on my real life. I spent more time on my computer on one year that I ever spent in my all life. I can’t respond to all those emails because it is so much demanding. I’m not a secretary and not that smart either.

Jealousy is also why i decided to quit. There are no reasons in the whole word to treat people like shit or treat them without respect.I know you must think that this is just life and everybody has to deal with it .... And i say " No ", because everybody is different and everyone would handle each situation differently. And i can't deal with bullshit.I won't ruin my life because of asshole that can not handle the competition. Because of assholes who can’t stand that kind of situation.

I’m really fed up with it today and I know that if I keep doing it, I would not be the same person and that would not be funny at all.

I’m not very diplomatic and I won’t be in few days. When there is something wrong, it is worst than me, I have to say something. I can’t let it go like that. And I know that if something ever goes wrong in the near future, I would not react nicely.I’m in love and this is the most important in my life today. I’m in shape, healthy, well I’m ok and try to live my life normally and try to enjoy it at the maximum. If I keep doing that job and meeting new people, I will ruin myself and that should not be the solution.


So I have decided that from today, I won’t make any more New Appointments for the future. I will keep contact and keep doing some escorting for few people I really trust but only people I already met before. All appointment that I have been working on since the last few weeks, are still on and not canceled but that is it. 

I really did have a good time and I’m very proud to have met such wonderful person, but there is a time in the life that thing changes. And I have to stop escorting, I feel that way.That stress me so much, can’t stop thinking about diseases, can’t stop thinking about being such a piece of meat for some peoples, just I can’t deal with it anymore. It is over





Stephan Lacoste




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Guest Franco

Wow Stefan I can't believe what I am reading. You have been such a great influence and example of what an escort shoule be. I really admire that your strong enough to take this huge step.

I understand completly what you mean about the stress and the time it takes to answer all the e-mails and deal with people that just want to string you along. I myself also have a full time job and there for only escort part time, But I do enjoy meeting many great clients, every now and then you do come across client that treat you like a piece of meat, but I stand above it as I know thats not the case.

I wish you the Very Best in everything thing you choose to do, you seem like a really cool grounded guy.

As far as those jealous escorts that you mentioned, they are the ones that will have the real problems in the future, as jelousy gets you no where , it's just not constructive.

I just wanted to l

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